Kushiyaki Skewers 1kg



1 kg

Kushiyaki is the Japanese method of cooking small bite-sized pieces of meat, fish or vegetables on a skewer. The skewers can be lightly grilled, broiled, baked or deep-fried. Our Special Kushiyaki skewers are perfect for summer barbeques. These skewers are great as an Appetizer but also work well as a side dish. They are a perfect accompaniment to most meals.

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These skewers are delicious, containing prawns, soya, garlic, ginger, turmeric, salt, lemon, lemongrass, and parsley. Delicate but distinctive flavours combine in this snack that is very popular with anyone who likes this kind of food. The individual pieces of prawn are marinated and then vertically arranged on a skewer creating the distinctive Japanese style that we love. The prawn on each skewer is carefully handpicked to ensure only the best quality end up in your food. This pack contains 32 skewers, with 2 marinated king prawns per skewer. The King prawns are marinated to perfection and we promise your guests will be asking for more! Keep a pack handy for when you have unexpected guests or keep them in your freezer so they are always ready to go.


The Kushiyaki Skewers have been one of the most popular products since day one. These skewers are delicious and have been a huge hit with our customers.  Features 100% pure, locally sourced king prawns that are seasoned to perfection. These delicious skewers are sure to be one of the best tasting products we sell.


These 1kg Kushiyaki prawn skewers are the finest on the market. Prawns are sourced from well-managed farms, meet conservation standards, and resolve habitat loss issues. These prawns are frozen at sea after harvest, then delivered to us.