Luxury Pie and Liquor



This frozen, unbaked Luxury Pie And Liquor is a delicious British tradition, whether you’re having a celebration or just have a hankering. Cooked to perfection with this pie, the flavour will hit your taste buds every time.

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Made with authentic British minced beef in a rich, well-seasoned gravy, our pie is then encased in pastry and dusted with parsley powder. The perfect way to indulge in this traditional delicacy! The luxurious filling takes around 10 hours to cook so you can be sure of the most authentic and succulent flavours. For an authentic artisan taste without the guesswork, simply place your pie on a baking tray near the top of your oven and bake for about 20 minutes at 220C. We are proud to be one of the last traditional pie makers in London who continue to make pies the traditional way – hand-raised pastry filled with pure minced beef and our secret recipe liquor.


Only the finest, freshest ingredients are used in our range of pies. Luxury Pie and Liquor features a succulent blend of British minced beef in a delicious well-seasoned gravy, served with parsley liquor as standard. Delicious frozen for convenience.