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Don’t know what to buy? Therefore let them decide! Frozen Fish Direct Gift Cards are the ultimate gift, and you should expect the finest. Readily accessible in amounts that would work for all. Surprise your family, friends, colleagues or any seafood enthusiast with a genuinely special gift that allows them to decide. Frozen Fish Direct’s gift cards are available in amounts from £50 to £150, and are an outstanding way to let your buddies pick any seafood to their liking!

Seafood gift cards emailed directly to your friends and relatives on all occasions. You may have these frozen fish gift cards as a surprise present for birthdays, anniversaries or any holiday season. Just fill in the details on your right and add it to your cart. Type your recipient’s name plus email address and a brief message in the fields specified. Once the order has been approved, the recipient would receive the gift card by email. Great gift idea to make their day better!

Why Choose Us?

Frozen Fish Direct has been established to deliver quality seafood goods and service quality in the food retailing sector. We have developed into a state-of-the-art, full-scale company and are known in the seafood industry. Our products provide an extensive supply of protein and essential nutrients including Omega 3. Order from our unmatched range of frozen and smoked seafood including entrees and also our specialty products while hosting guests or grilling for your family, promised to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. All goods are high quality and are stored in an eco-friendly package which has been designed to keep the products at the optimal temperature while on processing. Products are delivered directly to your doorsteps.