Yellow Tail Snapper Whole 1kg




Yellow Tail Snapper are very plump. They swim close to the surface and are caught on floating fish lines over reefs and rocks.


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It’s a mildly-flavoured fish, very adaptable. This whole fish is perfect to make a meal from as the flesh is soft and suitable to explore exciting flavours like chilli, spices, coriander and coconut. This is ideal for the whole family and is considered one of the most delicious seafood. The whole fish averaged at 600-800 grams with the skin left attached and can be roasted, pan-fried, grilled or barbequed.

What Does Yellow Tail Snapper Tastes Like?

Yellow Tail Snapper is a mild flavoured fish that has delicate white flesh. Yellow Tail Snapper is suitable for filleting or baking whole. Try this versatile fish with barbequed vegetables and a tomato and basil relish.

Responsibly-Sourced Yellow Tail Snapper

The Yellowtail Snapper’s sweet, delicate flavour and firm white flesh make it a fantastic choice of fish. We only choose our Snapper from the best sustainable fisheries in Asia, ensuring that when you buy this superb fish, you can be confident that it will be high quality and sustainable.

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