Bradley’s Limited enable you to order all kinds of frozen prawns online, including large deep-sea prawn from the Eastern Atlantic- the most sought-after prawns in the world, thanks to their vibrant red colour.

Carabineros Wild Red Prawns are also jumbo-sized and their vermilion colour doesn’t fade when cooked.

Based in Feltham, Heathrow Airport, Bradley’s can provide all kinds of cooking ideas for prawns, with many wonderful recipes to choose from.

We have a range of prawns available to buy online, which can be delivered frozen almost anywhere in the Great Britain. Whatever your tastes, we have everything from breaded prawns and cooked peeled prawns to those coated in garlic and King prawns, which are extremely healthy and great for boosting your energy levels.

Many people find peeling these types of prawns enjoyable and they’re fabulous served with a glass of chilled Californian or Australian Chardonnay white wine.

All our frozen prawns are fresh, being frozen within only 3 hours of being caught, and come from all over the world. We therefore guarantee they are of the finest quality. All orders over £70 are free, so we’re great for those summer garden events.

If you’re looking to buy frozen prawns online, simply explore our range today.