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What Is Perch?

Yellow perch is among the most widely known freshwater fish species on menu options, dubbed by some as the ultimate pan-fish. Pan- or deep-fried, grilled, sautéed, poached, baked or included in chowder, Perch can be highly flexible. Most commercialised perch is currently being farmed, with wild fish accounted for just a limited percentage of total sales. Even as farmed fish have high-fat content and lower protein than wild fish, their flavour is the same.

A relative to the bigger walleye, Yellow Perch is closely similar in flavour. Perch’s flesh is moist, transparent, deep-pink and has no fishy smell. The lean meat, if cooked, becomes white, with a sweet, mild taste and a firm yet flaky texture. Frozen Fish Direct provides frozen, skin-on perch fillets, and therefore no bones. These come in different sizes, and they taste the best. As with our other fish, we will clean the fish, ready for your griddle or pan.

Processing Perch

If effectively carried out, the freezing and frozen storing of fish can provide a storage period of over one year. It has made it possible for fishing vessels to stay at sea for extended periods and has permitted the storing of fish through seasons of good fishing and high capture rates. Also, it has broadened the demand for high-quality fish products. If the conditions are suitable enough, the freezing phase can interrupt bacterial activity below -10°C. There will still be chemical, biological and physical mechanisms contributing to lasting changes, but at a very gradual pace. Fish for freezing must be of high quality to achieve satisfactory results.

Benefits Of Frozen Perch

The frozen perch typically contains high phosphorus levels that are important for maintaining the bone and teeth. And it helps preserve strong bones, alongside calcium. Phosphorus is responsible for promoting the health of the heart and preventing cardiovascular diseases. It also makes a significant contribution to the effective functioning of all your cells, the processing of your energy and encourages children’s normal development. Phosphorus aims to boost digestion, helping to relieve constipation, indigestion, diarrhoea, and promoting bowel movements. Perch is rich in vitamins, including niacin and riboflavin, useful in enabling the metabolism of energy. Increased niacin intake decreases LDL cholesterol and improves the body’s HDL cholesterol. Also, it prevents atherosclerosis, the thickening of the arteries. Perch can be an excellent protein source. For muscle control and contractions, protein plays a crucial function. It is found in the muscle tissues that provide the framework to the muscles. The equilibrium between the breakdown of muscle proteins and the level of muscle protein synthesis is necessary for the development of balance. Frozen perch also supplies nutrients that are necessary for good immune power to be established. The body protects itself from multiple diseases and pathogens with the aid of a self-defence mechanism. Antibodies destroy and disable foreign elements inside the body, like antigens.

Why Buy Frozen Perch From Us?

Frozen Fish Direct is an established importer, supplier and seller of premium frozen fish and shellfish. Our seasoned purchasers have built partnerships with our suppliers to ensure we get the best product at the best price for our consumers. We can provide a complete selection of seafood delivered straight to your store, with a stock of more than 1000 frozen seafood commodities. We are honoured to have our processing plant providing hotels, pubs and restaurants in London the whole of the UK with fresh frozen fish and seafood. For our customers, we believe in doing things right and supplying them with whatever they need.

Frozen Perch Nutritional Facts

A 3-ounce or 85-gram serving of Perch provides:

Calories: 77.4
Calories from Fat: 7
Total Fat: 0.8g
Cholesterol: 76.5mg
Sodium: 52.7mg
Potassium: 228.7mg
Carbohydrates: 0g
Sugar: 0g
Fibre: 0g
Protein: 16.5g
Vitamin A: 25.5IU
Vitamin B6: 0.1mg
Vitamin B12: 1.6μg
Vitamin C: 1.4mg
Vitamin D: 100.3IU
Calcium: 68mg
Iron: 0.8mg
Magnesium: 25.5mg
Phosphorus: 170mg


How long can the frozen perch last?

To a great degree, the exact answer to that question relies on storage conditions. As long as it has been properly stored and the packaging is not broken, the frozen perch that has been kept continuously frozen at 0 ° F will stay intact throughout. For around 9 months in the freezer, it will retain the best quality, and will still typically remain safe to consume after that.

Is the frozen perch still safe to eat after the expiry date?

Yes, if stored correctly. Commercially frozen perch normally bears a "Best by"/ "Best before" date, however, it is not a safety date, it is just the estimation of the producer of how long the frozen perch will remain at prime condition.

How would I know if the frozen perch is not good anymore?

Any fish that is frozen remains intact and safe to eat even after several months of freezing. But once dry spots or discolouration of the frozen perch have formed, the freezer burn has started setting in. This would not make the perch unfit for consumption, but it will change the texture and taste. Freeze cooked fish for up to three months under 0 °F or less, for the highest quality. Frozen raw perch is best utilised within 3-9 months.

What does perch fish taste like?

Fresh perch has juicy, transparent, sharp pink flesh with no fishy stench. And the lean meat turns white when it is cooked, with a subtle, sweet flavour and a firm but flaky composition.

Do you keep the perch’s skin on while cooking?

Typically, perch fish fillets are quite thin and fragile. You do not have to consider taking the skin off the frozen perch fish because the skin is safe to consume and also delish, it's just so tender that you wouldn't even realise you're munching the skin.