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What Is Whitebait?

Tiny, silver-coloured fish that are part of the herring group. Whitebait refers mainly to the Clupeidae fish fry in the UK, the juvenile sprats, more typically herring. To add texture, they are normally deep-fried in a thin coating of flour. Served alongside a squirt of lemon juice, they don’t take any further effort.

Normally, they are sold frozen, meaning whitebait is available all year round. As a young whole fish, whitebait is an ideal source of calcium. Best eaten whole, bones and guts included, whitebait is served as a tasty snack, a starter or a canapé.

Processing Whitebait

Fresh Fish Direct offers sea whitebait. They’re approximately six to nine centimetres long, within this size. At standard temperature, they are washed with clean water and then boiled. Only take the whitebait out until it becomes white and opaque. Then, the whitebait are cooled, drained and frozen. Freeze-drying allows for rehydration, preserves the whitebait’s colour and lustre, and avoids so much nutritious component loss. In the end, the final product will be wrapped.

Benefits Of Frozen Whitebait

You eat the whole fish, including the bone and everything, while you consume whitebait. This implies you’re receiving every ounce of nutrient inside your body that the fish got! They are loaded with calcium, which is perfect for your bones, taurine, and potassium, which are also good for the health of your liver, plus many more minerals and vitamins that your body requires for good functioning.

Whitebait is classified as an oily fish. They are high in polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, which decrease inflammation and ultimately minimise the risk of cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and cancer. Whitebait is abundant in RNA that helps in the regeneration of cells, and it can have anti-ageing benefits.

Published research suggests that eating oily fish, such as whitebait can boost cognitive function. This kind of fish will shield you from dementia.

Why Buy Frozen Whitebait From Us?

Frozen Fish Direct has a track record of providing shops and restaurants in the United Kingdom with a selection of chilled and frozen seafood every day for many years. To keep our goods of outstanding quality, we equip ourselves with innovative technology and storage facilities. Our desire to follow international quality control criteria and continuity in the provision of goods and services meets the expectations of our customers and the regulatory requirements.

We believe in quality service and run our commercial fleet of trucks and vans to bring our frozen seafood to consumers on time daily. Above all, our workers are committed, knowledgeable and devoted to preserving our long-standing credibility for consistency, productivity and trust.

Frozen Whitebait Nutritional Facts

A 100-gram serving of cooked whitebait provides:

Calorie: 248kcal
Fat: 14.4g
Carbohydrate: 16.0g
Fibre: 2.9g
Protein: 12.2g
Salt: 0.57g

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Do you remove the gut of the whitebait?

Whitebait are consumed as a whole with the guts, head and tail remaining, usually fried. The small, delicate aspect of the fish makes it a dish that is widely sought after.

Do you clean the whitebait?

Whitebait requires no cleaning whatsoever, from scales and its guts, only a quick rinse is enough. Under cool running water, wash the whitebait well then drain. Wipe thoroughly with paper towels.

Are anchovies and whitebait the same fish?

In contrast to Anchovies, Whitebait is rated premium owing to its seasonal harvest. Whitebait also has better nutritious value than anchovies. Since Whitebait are young fishes, they are small in size.

Has whitebait got scales?

Whitebait has no scales and are so-called because of the marks that are similar to a galaxy of stars on their skin.

While pregnant, can you eat whitebait?

For the developing fetus' brain and eye growth, fatty fish such as whitebait are good. You cannot get these fatty acids from any other diet, so it is advised that you consume oily fish once maybe twice a week.