Best Frozen Shellfish For Sale

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What Is Shellfish?

Crustacean and molluscs, including clams, oysters, lobsters, mussels and shrimps, are widely known as ‘shellfish.’ Shellfish deliver a genuine flavour of the ocean and are incredibly tasty. Shellfish are an incredible protein source and a decent source of nutrients, including iron, calcium and zinc. Moreover, they are straightforward to cook and prepare. You can prepare shellfish in many different ways. Shellfish can be added to all dishes for added flavour and aroma, from entrees and main courses to pasta dishes, stews, and various soups. But steaming, frying, and grilling are the most popular methods to do so.

Indulge yourself in all the seafood you want. We have new frozen varieties of the best shellfish – and they’re ready to serve in minutes. Frozen shellfish are extremely handy since they can be defrosted then cooked, so a drive to the fishmonger is not required, and they are available in minutes. You can easily have that richness and sea flavour in your cooking. Frozen shellfish will bring the taste of the ocean to your dishes, whether you’d like to prepare a simple dinner or make an elaborate feast. Our frozen shellfish is ideal for quick cooking indeed.

Processing Shellfish

The highest value seafood throughout the world is the shellfish, fisherfolk and sports fishers, and consumers all agree. Fresh shellfish plus an innovative method of freezing offers the best in seafood! As soon as they’re captured and extracted from the net, our shellfish are flash-frozen, so they are still flavorful and also have an extended shelf life. We guarantee optimum quality and consistency by keeping your shellfish at sustained below freezing levels until you’re ready to cook and serve a tasty and balanced dish.

Benefits Of Frozen Shellfish

If you are new to cooking molluscs at home, try buying frozen shellfish of top quality. The flash-freezing method locks in all the nutrients and preserves the components of protein and fat so that the texture, taste and nutritional value are retained until the shellfish are cooked!

Frozen shellfish can be stored for months in your fridge, allowing you more time at your leisure to think about various cooking techniques and recipe ideas! We suggest steadily thawing shellfish on the fridge the night before you intend to cook it for the optimum quality. Often because shellfish have a long shelf life, transportation costs could be cheaper for the supplier, which means that it would cost less for the vendor to buy the seafood, which will be equivalent to a lower price tag for the end consumer.

Also, shellfish have low calories, high in lean protein, good fats and a wide variety of micronutrients. In shellfish, much of the fat is in the form of omega-3 fatty acids, which provide a host of health benefits, like enhancing the health of the brain and heart.

Why Buy Frozen Shellfish From Us?

Frozen Fish Direct is constantly searching for innovative new products that can be taken to market. We have travelled far and wide as the UK’s premier online fishmonger. From fresh mussel variations to our deep-water oysters with their delicate taste, alongside the new large steakfish cuts, we’ve got them all! We also sell a selection of other frozen seafood and ready-to-eat meals, in addition to our frozen shellfish.

Frozen Shellfish Nutritional Facts

A nutrition comparison of 3-ounce or 85-gram servings of various types of shellfish:

Shrimp Calories: 72 Protein: 17g Fat: 0.43g
Crayfish Calories: 65 Protein: 14g Fat: 0.81g
Crab Calories: 74 Protein: 15g Fat: 0.92g
Lobster Calories: 64 Protein: 14g Fat: 0.64g
Clams Calories: 73 Protein: 12g Fat: 0.82g
Scallops Calories: 59 Protein: 10g Fat: 0.42g
Oysters Calories: 69 Protein: 8g Fat: 2g
Mussels Calories: 73 Protein: 10g Fat: 1.9g


What does it entail to have sustainable seafood?

Sustainable seafood is fish, including shellfish, obtained as human food by fishermen operating under a sustainable fishery management system to protect and encourage habitat conservation of fish species.

What guarantee can I have that my order of seafood and shellfish would be delivered frozen?

We take immense pleasure in our ability to offer our 'Fresh Frozen' seafood items in great quality right to your door. Your order is wrapped in durable dry bags to prevent spoilage before leaving the Frozen Fish Direct depot. The distribution is conducted within 24 hours of notice and will remain in a frozen condition for the whole period. We will give a full refund or replace your products free of charge if your order has been missed or damaged due to mistake. Please do not throw the goods when you get an order that you think has been compromised.

Can I cook your frozen goods directly?

Yes, in most situations, our products are produced with quality & convenience in mind. It is alright to prepare and cook our seafood from being frozen, perfect for quick easy meals. All the products come with instructions for food preparation and recommended ways of cooking.

Where do you get your shellfish from?

We've got a large variety of shellfish from all over the world. With regards to environmental sustainability, we ensure that we also source from reputable suppliers. We provide a variety of wild, caught and farmed seafood for this purpose. The product labels and our website include this information.

What is the shelf life of your frozen, vacuum-packed shellfish?

Seafood products trapped in an air-free environment are protected from oxidation and freezer burns. The quality and consistency remain the same if the package stays intact. All seafood, which includes the shellfish, can be preserved for up to 9 months if stored correctly in a freezer, but we suggest that our seafood products be used within 3 months to achieve optimal satisfaction.