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What Is Coley?

Coley is one of the cod family’s best value fish and is a perfect sustainable alternative for cod or haddock in several recipes. It has a characteristic coal-coloured skin that runs sidewards along the body with a broad white line, and the abdomen shades into light silver.

The flesh of coley is reasonably cheap, sometimes dull, off-white, when raw, but lightens while cooking and with a nice flavour. As coley has good firm flakes, it is great for pies and is ideal with a white sauce and covered with potato crust or pastry.
Coley fillets are easy to cook, nutritious and low in carbs and fat.

Processing Coley

Frozen coley is easily available. They are harvested in the North Atlantic ocean. Our coley fish are filleted, but there are also headless whole fish available. It is sometimes available in dried and smoked form. Filets need skinning or scaling, whether the skin is left on before or after cooking, and pin-boning. It is a fantastic, affordable fish that can be cooked using batter or breadcrumbs for deep-frying or poached to be used in fish pies. Coley is also ideal for soups and stews.

Benefits Of Frozen Coley

Like many other forms of fish, Coley is a perfect protein source, a nutrient you need for muscle mass building, proper digestive health, and energy production. Other minerals from frozen coley include selenium and vitamin B12. Selenium has antioxidant effects, which ensures your cells will be shielded from damages. For the production of DNA and red blood cells and the regulation of your nervous system, vitamin B12, which your body is unable to generate by itself, is necessary. Frozen coley is perfect for homemade fish fingers as well. Other than coley, the ingredients are as basic as plain flour, eggs, breadcrumbs, lemon, parsley, salt and pepper, mayonnaise, including gherkins and capers. Preparation can be a little longer, i.e. 30 minutes to an hour, while the cooking time is 10 to 30 minutes. However, the final product is worth the time and effort. Coley is sustainable, healthy, and affordable. It’s cheaper than cod, but it’s still delicious. So doing it means you are making an eco-friendly choice of cooking.

Why Buy Frozen Coley From Us?

We are fortunate to employ some of the industry’s best employees, including those who have spent their life in the seafood and fish sector. Most of our buyers want to believe like they are communicating directly with the fisherman or a fishing boat. Still, they need essential considerations like food safety, purchasing from a sustainable source, and ensuring all the back-office processes. That is why we have the same great standards and processes across our sites to ensure that you are secure about who you purchase from. Frozen Fish Direct supplies sustainable fish and has partnerships with many nearby coastal markets and local fisher folks. We are always here to encourage you by consuming more seafood to live a more healthy lifestyle.

Frozen Coley Nutrition Facts

A 100-gram serving of coley provides:

Calories: 85
Total Fat: 0.9g
Sodium: 100mg
Carbohydrates: 0g
Protein: 18.3g

Frozen Coley Recipe


Is Coley an inexpensive fish?

Coley is a good alternative to cod that is tasty, healthy but much affordable. For sustainable fish, it is one of the best choices.

What’s the taste of Coley?

It has a sweet flavour with a light texture, somewhat similar to cod. Coley is a very useful addition, and to serve it would take the strain off current cod supplies.

Where does Coley come from?

It is widespread around the Atlantic Ocean and is very abundant across the coasts of Norway and the Faroes, as well as the North East of Scotland. It is a gregarious species living on both offshore and water bodies near the seabed.

What kind of fish do you think Coley is?

Coley belonged to a genus of cod. While it is frequently mistaken as pollock, it is distinct from the other fish types by some features.

Is it safe to cook the frozen coley straight from the freezer?

The defrosting process can be fully skipped and frozen coley can be cooked right from the freezer. To compensate for the lack of thawing, you may need to add few more minutes to the cooking time of your recipe, so you can poach, steam, roast, broil or barbecue coley right from the freezer!