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What Is Pollock?

Pollock is a speckled greenish-brown fish with a white belly and sides, typically packaged in sizes varying from one to four pounds. This particular fish has always been a standard choice for white, soft and flaky fish. This is primarily used in value-added products such as breaded fish fillets and sticks. It can also be present in artificial crab meat, which is very common as a low-cost substitute to real crab in Japan. Originally sold as a less pricey alternative to haddock and cod, this abundant fish has a well-established demand and is the most eaten whitefish globally.

There are two main varieties, the Pacific or the Alaskan Pollock, and the species found off the coast of the West Country. The bulk of the frozen pollock marketed in the United Kingdom currently comes from Alaska and the Pacific. Frozen Fish Direct’s frozen Pollock comes from Alaska. Pollock is more delicious when grilled using herbs and butter. You also may deep-fry frozen Pollock as fish and chips or use it for casseroles and fish pies.

Processing Pollock

Gutted Pollock fish are washed, and scales and the gills are removed. Then each pollock’s head, tail, fins and bones are separated and then filleted using an automatic machine. At the packing station, fillets are collected and placed into freezer pans, and then they’ll be flash-frozen as fillet blocks for the product buyers. Frozen fillet blocks produce breaded and seasoned portions of fish and fish cakes, and fish sticks.

While some of the Pollock fish are handled as Individually Quick Frozen fillets and layer pack fish blocks that enable the fish fillets to be utilized individually, Pollock is categorized by its original measurements and classified according to the specifications of the consumer. Under optimal conditions and at a temperature of -18 °C, frozen pollocks stored in their original packaging can remain intact for 18 months.

Benefits Of Frozen Pollock

Eating pollock fish regularly helps to control the amount of cholesterol that can contribute to heart disease. And since it is so rich in vitamin B12 and vitamin B6, it will help lower the body’s high levels of homocysteine, an amino acid contained in your blood that is thought to be a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease. About a third of the daily requirement for niacin or vitamin B3 is provided in just one serving of pollock fish, which helps minimise persistent inflammation that can affect the heart.

Niacin present in pollock fish may be beneficial for erectile dysfunction prevention, a prevalent concern in male infertility. Pollock fish is part of a high protein diet that is beneficial for lowering blood pressure naturally and is linked with a decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

One excellent way to shed weight rapidly is to substitute calories with protein. The growth and wellbeing of the brain can be improved by consuming fish like pollock. It contains phosphorus, which is required to sustain natural physiological, emotional and neurological reactions. For keeping a workout routine, consuming pollock fish is also helpful, as protein, vitamin B2, and vitamin B12 are useful in supplying energy.

A deficit of this nutrient is associated with cognitive impairment due to age, which leads to disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. Pollock provides moms and babies with all necessary nutrients that establish healthy pregnancy and give proper foetal growth.

Why Buy Frozen Pollock From Us?

Frozen Fish Direct provides a wide variety of frozen fish, including frozen Pollock, which we market to the public and many retail outlets. The big suppliers importing the highest quality seafood from around the world are the source of all our seafood. We sell first-class products supplying fish markets across the UK and partner with restaurants and hotels around the country. Our clients include a mix of restaurants, pubs, hotels, and sports venues. We are keen on environmental growth and ensuring that our seafood products are responsibly sourced.

Frozen Pollock Nutritional Facts

A 113-gram or 4-ounce serving of pollock fillet provides:

Calories: 100
Calories from Fat: 9 (9%)
Total Fat: 1g
Cholesterol: 80mg
Sodium: 100mg
Carbohydrates: 0g
Fibre: 0g
Protein: 22g
Calcium: 60mg 7%
Iron: 0.2mg

Frozen Pollock Recipe


What is the taste of pollock fish?

Alaskan Pollock has a mild and delicate flavour that is accompanied by fine and white flesh, large flakes, a mildly coarse texture and a low oil concentration. They're like haddock and cod, but a little bit milder in taste.

How can you determine when Pollock fish is cooked?

For thinner Pollock fillets, if the exterior is opaque, the fish is already cooked. To determine if the thicker fillets of Pollock is cooked, you can gently push a thin knife further into the thickest part of a fillet and see if it's clear throughout.

Is it all right to cook frozen Pollock without defrosting?

You could bypass the defrosting procedure and cook the frozen fish straight out of the freezer. But, you'll have to add a few more extra minutes to the cooking time of your recipe so that you can compensate for the lack of thawing. Right from the freezer, you can poach, broil, roast, steam or barbecue the Pollock!

At what temperature should the pollock be cooked?

Bake the fish for around 10 min, making sure the internal temperature reaches 145°F.

Is Pollock ideal for chips and fish?

Pollock, a member of the cod family, is tender and juicy. It's a lot more aromatic and richer than its dull cousin cod, however. So, for your favourite fish and chips, this type of fish is great.