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What Are Mussels?

Mussels are shellfish that can be found in ponds, streams, lakes, and rivers worldwide. They are valued for their taste, consistency, and quality. They’re low in calories but high in protein and B12. Almost all commercially produced mussels have excellent natural water content, low contamination, no toxic treatments, and are well linked to their surroundings. The highest quality fresh Mussels are flash-frozen to lock all the natural, delicious meatiness and texture, producing better tasting and more healthy mussels than ever.

Frozen mussels provide a perfect addition to pasta recipes, soups, and seafood casseroles. They are among the most sustainable seafood options, and the potential benefits of mussels go much further than bright white shells and their tasty, meaty flesh.

Processing Mussels

Mussels are cultivated on long lines, held in the water table between 3 to 20 metres, and gathered by pulling the lines then scraping the mussels. Mussels are a passive method of aquaculture, implying that no feeding is required. Combined with their fast growth and 0 output, they are the number one sustainable option. Like all other shellfish, mussels can not be frozen fresh without undergoing any heat process. The mussels are cooked in an autoclave for about three minutes by steaming at roughly 125 degrees Celsius. The container is frozen along with the mussels inside after the heat treatment. Once the mussels are frozen, the container will be reopened, and the mussels are then extracted and shaken to be frozen individually. For 40 weeks, fresh frozen mussel meat stays in an optimal state.

Benefits Of Frozen Mussels

– Mussels are a far greater source of nutrition than one would imagine. It is a decent protein source, and provides relatively high Omega 3 and is loaded with good, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats.

– Mussels are also packed with high amounts of essential vitamins and minerals such as manganese, zinc, selenium, b12, Vit C and iron.

– All of this without additives or preservatives, the one and only “anti” you’ll ever encounter in natural mussels are antioxidants.

– Mussels have about three times the protein content of other molluscs. They’re high in phosphorus as well.

– The risk of contracting arthritis and cancer is decreased by the daily intake of mussels.

– The flesh of these molluscs has a beneficial effect on the brain and liver function, including the eyesight and contribute significantly to the general enhancement of immunity.

Why Buy Frozen Mussels From Us?

Frozen Fish Direct is the chosen private label provider to the UK’s local grocery stores and manufacturers with fresh frozen mussel products. All frozen mussels are labelled to provide traceable information and delivered via a dependable transportation network nationwide by land and air. Our high-quality seafood is what sets us apart from the others and also distinguishes us from the market. We claim that the flavour and texture of our frozen mussels are outstanding in many respects. The shells of the mussels are significantly thicker, thus decreasing the chances of splintering during the entire process. Frozen Fish Direct are passionately enthusiastic about the quality of the mussel products. We aim to establish the welfare of stakeholders as a primary goal and consider the environment and the larger community as core facets of sustainable long-term growth.

Frozen Mussels Nutritional Facts

A 3-ounce serving of a cooked Mussels provides:

Calories: 146
Protein: 20g
Fat: 4g
Carbohydrates: 6g
Fibre: 0g
Sugar: 0g

Frozen Mussels Recipe


Are frozen mussels safe to consume?

Make sure that the shells will open, throw away all which remain closed. Remember that frozen mussels will sometimes open in transit, but they're still safe to prepare, cook and eat.

Should you clean frozen mussels?

Using your fingers or a knife, you could remove the mussel's beard. Frozen mussels that are no longer in the shell will not demand that much work as some of those that are in their shell casing. The frozen mussels which are cooked and already cleaned can be immediately consumed.

Are your frozen mussels cooked already?

We offer frozen mussels which have been cooked, and you may not have to cook them again. Easily thaw under cold running water in your kitchen sink or overnight in your fridge then ready to be eaten or be added to any dish you desire.

While frozen, do mussels die?

Fresh mussels must be cooked before freezing, as cooked mussels are generally easier and safer to freeze.

How are you supposed to cook frozen cooked mussels?

You could perhaps steam them in a pot of an inch of plain water, wine, or tasty broth about five to seven minutes or when the mussel shells are open. You could maybe saute them over high heat with oil or butter. Dispose of any mussels that haven't opened up.