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What Are Clams?

Frozen Fish Direct’s quality frozen clams will offer you the food experience you enjoy for your convenience. Naturally, clams are healthy, low in fat and also a good protein source. The clam shapes differ according to the species and can be elongated, circular or oddly shaped. Hard clams are sold in varying sizes which are used in chowders, stuffing and fritters. The soft-shelled clam has such an elongated shape, small and fragile and a wide hanging neck.

While the surf clam, the most common and largest of the clam species, is smooth, tan coloured and oval. Surf clams are commonly used as canned food to be included in creamy soups and breaded strips. Clams are frozen at a very low temperature to preserve them. Quick freezing leads to very little damage to tissue. To avoid freezer burns, they must be stored in their liquid and excess air must be expelled from the containers. Frozen clam meat should be defrosted for 24 hours in the fridge but never refrozen.

Processing Clams

It is necessary to protect cooked clam meats for a long time by freezing and cold storage. Before freezing, the clean and cooked clam meat can be packaged in different containers, such as waxed cartons or polythene packs, or the clam meat may be frozen unwrapped, packaged and glazed after. Since the clam meats are small and have excellent surface contact with the cooling system, clam meats adapt well both to the plate freezing or the air blast freezing method. Before storage, unwrapped meats must be glazed, and all forms of packaging should ideally be kept at -20°F. After 8 to 9 months of freezing, thawed meats could still be of outstanding quality with taste and texture similar to fresh. The taste is improved by the defrosting of the meats in a 10 ° salt solution, the salt serving as a flavouring agent.

Benefits Of Frozen Clams

Mollusks, such as clams, octopus, squid and scallops, are among the most widely eaten shellfish. Clams are indeed delicious and healthy seafood, bringing versatility to your diet, whether grilled, fried or steamed. Clams are highly nutritious that has several health advantages. They are a healthy protein source; full of nutrients, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids; encourage good sexual health, and contain cancer-preventing attributes. Their exceptionally high vitamin B12 content is one of the most key benefits of clams. As well as avoiding megaloblastic anaemia, vitamin B12 is essential for preserving healthy nerves and blood cells.

Why Buy Frozen Clams From Us?

Add flavourful, fresh-tasting clams to every meal without all of the preparation needed. To reduce prep time and enjoy delectable top clams, order your pre-cooked clams online. Our flash-frozen clams are quickly delivered straight to your house, so you could spend a little less time shopping but more time for your dear ones. Frozen Fish Direct gives you the freshest and most seasonal variants of clams within days. Getting convenient access to different seafood is not a concern anymore. These molluscs are checked to ensure that your tastebuds will be delighted. Our frozen clams for sale have vital beneficial effects, as with all the frozen seafood we offer. Rich in iron, selenium, protein, vitamins C and B-12, and omega-3, clams provide nutrients that are beneficial for a range of body-wide functions. Iron helps to transport oxygen, B-12 to create red blood cells, omega-3 to minimise inflammation, and vitamin C to promote heart health.

Frozen Clams Nutritional Facts

A 3-ounce or 85-gram serving of cooked clams provides:

Water: 54.09g
Calcium: 78mg
Calories: 126
Phosphorus: 287mg
Protein: 21.71g
Sodium: 95mg
Total lipid fat: 1.65g
Potassium: 534mg
Carbohydrate: 4.36g
Iron: 23.76mg
Cholesterol: 57mg
Zinc: 2.32mg

Frozen Clams Recipe


Will you need to clean frozen clams?

Wash the clams properly after defrosting the clam meat with cool, running water. Brush the clam well to remove any mud or sand if the clams are still in the shell. Collect the clam juice using a bowl while making preparations for clam chowder or some other broth, and save the juice for cooking.

What is the easiest way to unfreeze clams?

In the fridge, thaw the frozen clams overnight. Put the clams in a waterproof plastic container, then on the sink with running water for quicker defrosting. Try to allow roughly thirty minutes each pound. After thawing, clams get softer and ready for cooking.

How do you prepare frozen cooked clams?

Frozen cooked clams can be steamed. First, fill the bottom (3/4" deep) of a big pot with water. Boil water. Place defrosted clams in the steam pot for approximately 4 minutes over medium heat or until shrimp is fully cooked and opened. Chill for 30 minutes in the fridge after steaming.

How long are frozen clams going to last?

At 0 degrees F, frozen clams can last up to three months. Make sure to thaw the clams in the fridge before actually using them but don't ever refreeze them. The cooked clams can be preserved for up to 4 days in a sealed container inside the fridge.

How can you say if any frozen clams have gone bad?

Clams tend to open while they are frozen. When steaming, if the clam doesn't open, then they're not good and you might need to throw them.