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What Are Anchovies?

We offer you the versatility of our award-winning whole, frozen anchovies, and anchovies fillets! These little anchovies are a special treat for domestic and fine-dining chefs alike without tin and salt taste. Our frozen anchovies are vacuum-packed to keep them fresh. The anchovies are directly packed on the boat shortly after being caught, stored and frozen immediately in its entirety. We have the tastiest, best anchovies and other seafood you could purchase in supermarkets.

All our seafood are harvested through sustainable fishing methods ensuring that we still can enjoy them for the long term. The quality is checked pre and post-production to guarantee freshness to our customers. Anchovies may be small in size, but it’s filled with a powerful flavour. High in protein but low in calories, this is a good addition to every fitness program. These tiny fish are also an outstanding source of magnesium, calcium, vitamin B-12 and B-6, including the omega-3 fatty acids. These anchovies enable you to develop solid bones and preserve your nervous system.

Processing Anchovies

Because of the advanced freeze-drying process and the high protein content, frozen whole and gutted anchovies maintained their high quality. For the European market, in which they are marketed by weight, anchovies are widely consumed. They are being eaten whole or sliced in small parts and incorporated into salad dishes, pasta or even pizzas. Frozen anchovies are deemed safe for 180 days of blast frozen processing. For months, you can now keep your precious anchovies fresh. Frozen anchovies are normally packed in aluminium foil or freezer sheets just before freezing. They are distributed as frozen fresh whole anchovies or fish without a head and tail. They are processed with saline solutions in both situations in place to ensure their quality. Our frozen anchovies are not processed with any additives or antibiotics, no mercury content but have an increased Omega3 amount.

Benefits Of Frozen Anchovies

If you consume anchovies, you’re guaranteed to experience the benefits! Anchovies are rich in omega-3 fatty acids as well as iron.
They also have a healthy dose of magnesium, calcium, vitamin B-12 and b6. These minerals and vitamins aid in protecting the heart, bone formation, and preservation of the nervous system. You will never have to contend with sticky cans again, and our anchovies are freshly frozen and packaged in a compact resealable container.
Our fresh anchovies are harvested, washed, frozen and packed within hours of being caught. Using them to bring distinct richness to soups, sauces, stews and other dishes and pair them with olives, roasted peppers, antipasto and other typical Mediterranean ingredients. You can use them whole or filleted, and just like any frozen fish, you can also fry them. Cooked and combined with salads, pasta or pizza, the options are infinite. Our frozen anchovies are the main component in many of our finest Italian dishes.

Why Buy Frozen Anchovies From Us?

If you’re searching for anchovies to add to your salad or something a little more creative, Fresh Fish Direct has it all.
We’re a frozen fish provider to your restaurant or grocery store.
Like you, we are enthusiastic about fish and seafood. We maintain our seafood’s terrific taste and look every day with our special fresh catch and fast chilled technology. We established ourselves in the market by offering a full array of top-quality frozen seafood. We promise freshness and quality with a range of refrigerated trucks and specialist fishmongers on hand to handle and test all goods. Our product selection includes unprocessed, marinated, baked and pre-cooked items ideal for catering parties, cafes, or to reduce cooking and prepping time. We have frozen fresh lobster, shrimp, prawns, crabs and scallops sold at designated locations. It is the tastiest and the freshest product you can get. It’ll light up any recipe! Order our frozen anchovies online now!

Frozen Anchovies Nutritional Facts

A 1 oz. serving of anchovies provides:

Protein: 5.76875g
Omega-3: 414mg
Calories: 37.125
Carbohydrate: 0
Cholesterol: 17mg
Fat: 1.3725g
Fibre: 0
Selenium: 10.2mcg
Sodium: 29.5mg
Sugar: 0