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Browse our wide variety of frozen prawn, cod, salmon, tuna, mackerel, hake, and more affordable frozen fish specials and seafood products. Excellent seafood products, at even lower costs. Buy premium frozen fish, delivered right to your doorstep. Orders are wrapped in sealed, insulated poly bins with specialized slow thawing gels. Check out our special offers online, you’ll find lots of bargain! Visit our site for the best discounts on frozen fish and seafood!

Why Choose us?

Frozen Fish Direct is a committed retailer of frozen fish and seafood in the United Kingdom. We now sell to dozens of restaurants around the UK every day, and our portfolio of products has expanded to include top-notch fish and seafood products. Our staff is enthusiastic about seafood, their passion and product expertise is crucial to continue providing an unrivalled quality of service and support to the customers. The team of Frozen Fish Direct consists of highly trained and skilled personnel, some of whom are professional skippers and have a deep knowledge of the fisheries sector and its activities. We work all night selecting, preparing and packaging your purchases to our precise specifications, while our customer service team is ready to assist on all product queries.  Our experienced drivers transport your orders in our dual thermal vans to ensure that the products are always in excellent condition.