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What Is It?

Ducks are used for their meat, feathers and eggs over several thousands of years. Duck products are still quite popular worldwide and continue to stay in high demand. Production is growing steadily in the UK, fueled by a drastic rise in the market for duck meat. Ducks aren’t like other birds, and duck meat is distinct from other proteins, but different may equate to good.

At Frozen Fish Direct, we love the uniqueness of the duck in every way. Duck is leaner than other meats and contains less saturated fat. It has an amazing taste of red meat that is more comparable to steak than chicken or turkey, and in cooking, it replaces both fairly well. Duck is quick and easy to prepare, for everyday meals, for special events and can be used with a wide variety of cuisines.


All ducks undergo inspection. And, according to their quality, the ducks will be graded. Healthy quality ducks are plump and meaty. They are free from scratches, cuts and bruises. No fractured bones, no missing pieces, and only a few pin feathers are present. Ducks that have to be deeply frozen are hanged, plucked and dressed, then sealed and marked in individual polythene bags. Labelling is very significant since it is impossible to distinguish different species in the frozen condition and the date is very useful. Twelve months in the freezer keeps the birds well; any more and they will become too dry. To satisfy the needs of consumers, package sizes may be customised for wholesale and retail purposes.


Any duck meat is called poultry meat, and as it is high in iron and other vital nutrients such as in beef, the colour of the meat is red and the taste is meatier. This is a great combo of red meat flavour and poultry nutrients. Duck provides additional iron per serving than many traditional types of meat, which makes it a better choice for meat-eaters. Iron functions as an integral component of the blood, contributing to the growth of the brain and maintaining a healthy immune function. While our duck is full of flavour, in contrast to other proteins, it is quite low in calories and fat. On average, our skinless duck breast has fewer calories than either chicken or turkey. It also has fewer calories than pork or beef. Ducks are an ideal source of vital nutrients like vitamin E, selenium and niacin, supplying more than 20% of the recommended daily amount. Together, selenium and vitamin E shield cells from damage that may result to tumours, cardiovascular disease or other heart disorders. Duck fat is somewhat similar to olive oil in its nutrient content. It is composed primarily of healthy monounsaturated fats that greatly reduce cholesterol level.

Why Choose Us

A great array of frozen duck products are available at Frozen Fish Direct. We have different duck products that will make the dining table healthier for you. These ducks are hormone and antibiotic-free with more flavour than you could ever imagine. We have substantially expanded our ordering process, freezing storage, and temperature-controlled transportation capacity in recent years to accommodate the business’s consistent growth. The new freezer vans will help us optimise our efficiency and competitiveness and provide a faster and effective delivery service to our customers. Our business has been managed using simple truthful principles under which the organisation has evolved and flourished with high product quality from reliable suppliers offered at reasonable prices and with top standard service. This is made possible by hardworking personnel who have contributed to making Frozen Fish Direct to what it is now.

Nutrition Facts

A 100-gram serving of Duck meat provides:

Calories: 337
Carbohydrate: 0g
Fat: 28.4g
Omega-3: 290mg
Omega-6: 3360mg
Protein: 19.0g


Can you cook a frozen duck directly from the freezer?

If there's not enough time for the frozen duck to defrost, and if you're really in a rush, always remember that it's safe to cook duck from frozen. The cooking time would take about 50 percent longer than the time specified for completely thawed or fresh poultry eat.

How can you unfreeze a duck?

There are 3 methods to defrost a frozen duck without the possibility of food poisoning; you may use the oven, using cold water, and even in the microwave. Never defrost at room temperature. Soak the duck with its original package or in a waterproof bag to thaw in cold water, then change the water after 30 minutes. In around 2 hours, a 4-6 lbs. duck can be defrosted. An entire frozen duck may take 1 to 2 days or longer in the fridge. The duck parts would be thawed roughly one day.

Is duck white meat or does it have dark meat?

Since ducks can fly, their breast meat is much darker as compared to that of a chicken or turkey. This is because a bird that flies requires more blood and oxygen to enter the muscles.

How could you determine if the duck has gone bad?

Examine the colour. Although duck meat is typically darker in colour, spoiled meat tends to become more greenish-yellowish or greyish. Feel the meat's texture. Healthy duck meat is expected to be moist but not slimy. Smell also the duck meat.

Is medium-rare duck meat safe to eat?

There's still the possibility that duck harbours hazardous bacteria, as with any livestock. Cooking duck is distinctive from other meats because it is red meat. Some folks like their duck steaks grilled on the medium-rare or that they are still pink internally.