Frozen Fishcakes

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What Is It?

Fishcakes are minced or diced fish combined with potatoes, eggs and flour including seasonings of peppers, onions and some herbs. They are incredibly tasty, and are an outstanding alternative to your favourite treats! Typically the fish component is white fish such as haddock, cod or pollock, but it can be salmon too. The portion of the potato may be pounded or mashed, while the starch serves as a binding and a thickening agent that determines the texture.

Not your regular fishcakes. Our fishcakes are simple, tasty, and incredibly yummy. Frozen Fish Direct’s fishcakes are produced from the finest ingredients, undoubtedly the premium all-natural fishcakes you can buy. These Euro-style fishcakes are easy to cook and tasty enough to be a convenient and nutritious dinner. Frozen to seal in the flavour and freshness all year long, with no synthetic additives or colours, frozen fishcakes are a delight to eat and prepared with only natural ingredients. Frozen fish cakes may be cooked in the microwave, pan-fried or baked.


Minced fish is typically frozen and afterwards defrosted and used in seafood formulations, including fishcakes. It is mixed with breadcrumbs or flour and is often made with a combination of cooked fish, potatoes, and eggs, which are shaped into patties, then baked or fried. Normally, sugar, salt, starch are added to the fishcakes. To preserve the fishcake, heat is used to remove microbes during the baking or frying process. After the fishcakes are properly sorted, they are sent for packaging, frozen and ready for delivery.


Providing an omega-3 fatty acid content is one of the health advantages of fish cake. This vital nutrient has a role to play in encouraging the wellbeing of the heart. That is beneficial to lower blood pressure levels. Also, as part of a heart-healthy diet, eating two servings of fish per week is encouraged. The fish cake also helps improve the health status of the brain. That is because of the omega-3 fatty acids in fish. This could help to minimise the likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease and it will improve memory control and cognitive health too. Fishcake is high in protein. This vital nutrient can help enhance the capacity of energy and regenerate the damaged cells with new ones.

Why Choose Us

Frozen Fish Direct offers the finest frozen fishcake products. Our frozen goods are produced from fish and other seafood from ustainable fisheries using allowed capture methods. For several years, we have produced, sold and distributed frozen seafood products with a focus on high quality and value! The operations of this company are based in the UK where manufacturing takes place and new frozen goods are produced. Our frozen fish and seafood selection has been developed from special expertise of the fish industry and is paired with years of expertise in supporting UK vendors and caterers satisfy their marketplace’s increasing and evolving demands.

Nutrition Facts

A 85-gram or 3-ounce serving of fishcake provides:

Calories: 90.1
Total Fat 0g
Sodium: 338.3mg
Carbohydrates: 10g
Sugar: 4g
Fiber: 1g
Protein: 10g
Vitamin A: 600.1IU
Vitamin C: 1.2mg
Calcium: 20.4mg
Iron: 0.9mg


Before cooking, do you have to defrost the fish cakes?
Enable the fishcakes to defrost overnight in the fridge, cook all the way through, and serve piping hot.
Can we use the microwave to cook frozen fish cakes?
Of course! Here’s how to microwave frozen fish cakes: just put the frozen fishcakes on a microwaveable dish, remember to position them separately, do not overlap. Flip the fishcakes over, and then put them back in the microwave for three minutes. Just touch each of the fishcakes to make sure it’s hot, but if it’s not, give it some more heating.
How are you going to deep-fried frozen fishcakes?
Heat a large non-stick pan with a generous splash of oil. Gently slide the fish cakes into the pan while the oil is hot. Fry for 5-7 minutes or until the surface is golden brown, then flip. Cook for another 5-7 minutes, until golden brown on the bottom and hot through the centre.
Is reheating fish cakes safe?
Yeah, it’s possible to reheat fish cakes, but not through the microwave. Microwaving already cooked fishcakes may tarnish the texture and end up making them soggy. Your fish cakes are better reheated in the oven. Remember that fishcakes can only be reheated once.
How long does the defrosting of frozen fish cakes take?
To prevent contamination, make sure that the fishcake is wrapped and stored away from raw foods inside the fridge. It would take about 1-2 hours for 100g of fishcake to defrost. Consume the fish within 48 hours after it has been defrosted.