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What Are Whelks?

The whelk is a sea snail found in the Atlantic, UK and parts of the Pacific. They typically range from 2 inches to 10 centimetres long, but they are usually quickly boiled before serving as soup or salad.

It is popular in Europe, sometimes served at seaside stands in Britain, on seafood platters at brasseries in France, and as a part of pasta dishes and salads in Italy.
The snail is a versatile animal that can be served in its shell or removed to add flavour and texture.

Similar to clams, the whelk is sweet and briny in taste with a pleasantly chewy texture when not overcooked.
The best way to eat it is by cooking for only a few minutes so that its flavour can shine through without becoming tough and pairing nicely with butter or fats like olive oil and acidic ingredients such as vinegar or lemon juice!

Processing Whelks

Frozen Fish Direct’s Whelks are blanched and individually quick frozen. The seashells go through a screen to make sure they are good enough for our processing plant before being frozen; some have been precooked, others can be eaten right away after thawing them out.

Whelks may be eaten individually or as a garnish for other seafood. In addition, they can also add flavour to your soup of the day, pasta dishes and many more delicious recipes!

Benefits of Frozen Whelks

The robust and hearty whelk is a nutritionally sound seafood option, except for higher cholesterol levels.
In terms of preparation, it’s always best to keep your choices simple for this shellfish–whether butter sauce or deep-fryer doesn’t matter as long as you’re keeping things healthy.

Whelks are wonderfully low-calorie shellfish that provide protein, vitamins and minerals. They also contain Omega 3 fatty acids, which can promote weight loss!

Why Buy Frozen Whelks From Us?

The best-kept secret in the frozen seafood department is now available online. Frozen Fish Direct delivers only the freshest, most delicious whelks that you’ll ever taste!
The quality of these shellfish are second to none, and they’re delivered fresh every time with no flavourings or water added.
Plus, as our whelks are flash-frozen at sea, all their vitamins and minerals stay intact for maximum health benefits – not just flavourful enjoyment.

Frozen Whelks Nutritional Facts

A 3-ounce serving of Whelks provides:

Calories: 116.5
Total Fat: 0.3g
Saturated Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 55.3mg
Sodium: 175.1mg
Potassium: 295mg
Carbohydrates: 6.6g
Protein: 20.3g