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What Are Fish Fingers?

Frozen fish fingers is certainly a simple meal choice. Fish fingers are made with whitefish, like cod, haddock, hake, or pollock, that’s been battered and breaded.

They are widely found in the frozen food aisle at grocery stores. Mix lemon and garlic with the best taste of the British flavours and enjoy a side dish of fresh vegetables for a delicious meal for the entire family. It can be deep-fried, grilled, shallow fried, or baked in the oven.

Processing Fish Fingers

The first part is a frozen block of fish. The fish is frozen within hours of landing which implies that the fishes used are about six hours old. Fish fingers are made from minced fish, leftover fish parts, or can be produced from entire fillets stacked on top of one another. The costly fish fingers are made from Cod while the cheaper ones are Pollack. Some fish finger is around 1cm thick, while the cheapest one would be about 0.5 cm. These fish sticks are separated from each other and moved to the coating process. The fish is then battered and coated with breadcrumbs. All this is achieved by way of a manufacturing line for automated coating machines for food processing. Usually, a line will generate 100 to 200 fish fingers per minute. The stick goes into a hot-oil commercial fryer. This tends to make the coating particularly due to the extremely hot oil replacing the water in the coating. The product will then be frozen within 30 minutes of frying and clustered together to be loaded in a packaging machine.

Benefits Of Frozen Fish Fingers

We know that wellbeing is of paramount importance, that’s why our frozen fish fingers are both nutritious and delicious and are produced from the freshest fish fillet and other natural ingredients. The essential nutrients found in the fish fingers comprised of protein, selenium, iodine and Vitamin B-12, each of which gives optimum nourishment to the body. You will get a good chunk of the daily prescribed dose of iodine from a 150g piece of Fish Fingers. Iodine is an essential ingredient for the preservation, metabolism, and reproduction of a healthy thyroid gland. Vitamin B12 is also found in fish fingers. It is important for assisting the conversion of fats and proteins into body energy, and it also prevents heart diseases and certain cancers. It also contains selenium, an important element that helps the body produce a wide range of antioxidants, avoiding free radical damage. You can pair your fish fingers with any leafy greens to get the full value and keep your brain in top shape, playing a critical role in mental health and memory performance. Fish fingers also have phosphorous and are effective in preserving good bones, gums and teeth. Omega-3 is important for your general wellbeing, especially for preventing cardiovascular diseases and strokes, and is also found to significantly help reduce Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative neurological disorders.

Why Buy Frozen Fish Fingers From Us?

Frozen Fish Direct delivers freshly frozen seafood in the UK, including frozen fish fingers. To retain the natural texture and flavour of all our seafood products, we use innovative methods. For our frozen fish fingers, we exclusively use natural ingredients. There are no artificial colours, preservatives, or flavourings! Only fresh haddock and crispy golden breadcrumbs are used in this recipe!

Frozen Fish Fingers Nutritional Facts

A 27-gram serving of 1 fish finger provides:

Calories: 52
Calories from Fat: 19.8
Total Fat: 2.2g
Sodium: 0mg
Carbohydrates: 4.3g
Fibre: 0g
Protein: 3.5g


Is eating frozen fish fingers healthy?

Fish fingers aren't terrible, but they're rich in carbohydrates and fats, so a balanced plate of veggies is preferable to just more fish fingers.

Can you prepare and cook fish fingers from frozen?

Just cook frozen fish fingers at moderate heat for about 10 minutes. In a frying pan, heat one tablespoon of oil, then put the fish fingers in the pan. Turn the fish fingers occasionally.

Is it possible to cook frozen fish fingers in the microwave?

Yes, whether you're cooking or just reheating fish fingers, you may use the microwave. You can comfortably make this meal in 3 minutes for people at all levels of culinary experience.

How would you know when fish fingers are cooked?

When you're using a grill, the time it would take to grill the fish fingers is around 15-20 minutes, but that depends on the type of fish fingers. You can tell that the fish finger is ready when it turns to a golden brown. You can even insert a toothpick in the middle just to verify whether or not the fish finger is completely cooked.

How can you avoid the sticking of fish fingers?

Do not start to fry until the oil is 375 F, otherwise, you will probably have greasy fish fingers. On a lightly oiled sheet pan, skillet or some other ovenproof frying dish, avoid using foil in cooking them. Leave enough space for each of them.