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What Are Cockles?

The coast of the United Kingdom is a perfect haven for cockles. The cockle is economically important in many parts of the United Kingdom, including the Wash, the Drain, the Thames Estuary, Morecambe Bay, the Dee Estuary, and South Wales. Cook them in boiling water for just 5 minutes, then add some melted butter or your preferred sauce. It’s so quick and easy! Cockles are tiny bivalve shellfish, with tender, sweet meat without the excessive brininess.

Even though seafood is not your thing, you won’t hate these sweet tiny molluscs! These fresh-frozen cockles are tasty and an excellent introduction to seafood. Most are around as big as a quarter coin and create a tasteful, pea-sized morsel that gives rice and pasta dishes a delicate taste. Indeed, cockles are a delicious and nutritious classic part of the experience of the British seaside.

Processing Cockles

With less than an hour from harvesting, Frozen Fish Direct’s cockles are blanched and individually quick-frozen. Clams are screened and thoroughly checked until they are at our processing plant. Before freezing, our frozen cockles are shelled and washed, precooked or ready to eat. Cockle meats can be frozen easily and kept cold after cooking. Cockles may be eaten individually, or to add flavour to other dishes, or as a garnish to other seafood. For a delicious twist, add cockles to seafood soups, pasta dishes, risottos, pies and paella.

Benefits Of Frozen Cockles

Cockles are a food that’s low in calories. Compared to 180kcal in 100g of salmon, 100g of cockles produces just 53kcal. Because of the reduced number of calories, cockles have become an ally of healthy diets. The ingestion of cockles provides the body with high-quality protein and essential minerals for proper energy metabolism. Cockles are high in magnesium, which is good for the thyroid. They also produce zinc, which helps define bones and muscles. Cockles are also iron-rich, avoiding anaemia. The body will also be supplied with the essential Omega-3 fatty acids by eating cockles. The human body does not produce vitamin B12, and it must be derived from animal products in the diet. Cockles contain a greater amount of vitamin B12 than cattle.

Why Buy Frozen Cockles From Us?

You may not have to drive to the seaside to buy cockles nowadays. To boost your food experience, we developed a product. The frozen cockles are a sustainable product from the best British coasts, fresh, simple, and delicious. Our cockles are grown locally. The season of cockle picking begins at the end of March and lasts until October. For 20 years, we have refined our recipe to make them as tasty as fresh cockles from the sea. Frozen Fish Direct delivers the finest quality cockles, all collected and delivered frozen fresh. Our frozen cockles are the finest quality shellfish available. They have no additional water or flavouring agents. It has never been easier to order a package of these tasty cockles online. Not only are frozen cockles incredibly delicious, but they are good and nutritious as well. As they are frozen at sea, their vitamins and essential minerals are retained so that our consumers can benefit from these necessary elements.

Frozen Cockles Nutritional Facts

A 100-gram serving of cockles provides:

Calories: 79
Total Fat: 0.7g
Sodium: 0%
Carbohydrates: 4.7g
Protein: 13.5g
Calcium: 30mg
Iron: 16.2mg
Thiamine: 0mg
Niacin: 3.2mg
Water: 78.8g


What do cockles taste?

Their tiny, heart-shaped shells carry a small, delicate piece of meat that could be consumed raw, boiled or steamed. While cockles may seem like of effort, they have a delightful salty taste that needs to be handled kindly, with little return.

How do you prepare cockles for cooking?

Give them first a rinse before cooking for sand or soil to wash off. Choose a big pot with a lid to steam them. Bring water to a boil for a few minutes then add lemon juice or maybe even white wine vinegar. Put the cockles into the pot and then cover it. It takes just a few minutes to cook them, then shells will be opening. You can then quickly pick and eat the orange cockle inside.

How do you thaw frozen cockles?

Take the cockles from its package and placed in a strainer. Run under cool water for at least 2-3 minutes. Shake gently to prevent the cockles from binding together. Keep refrigerated once defrosted and cook within 24 hours.

Could cockles be reheated?

After dinner, you mustn't throw away remaining shellfish. You may reheat seafood safely for up to four days after it is cooked.

How do you make smoke cockles?