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A popular English dish originating at the East End of London in the 18th century, Jellied Eel was marketed by several restaurants and shops. At the time, eels were plentiful in the Thames, which became an inexpensive fish for London’s working-class residents.


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Jellied eels were typically made by stewing the eels in water with bay leaves and vinegar. This produced a brownish liquid, which was then boiled until it formed a jelly and set on trays to cool. The pot is then served with a dash of malt vinegar and eaten with a slice of bread. Jellied eels have been prepared using traditional recipes to maintain their distinctive taste. The product has not undergone any significant changes from the original recipe that was first introduced to the market. They are still eaten today by some East Londoners, although they have largely disappeared from menus in most of London.

What Do Jellied Eels Taste Like?

Jellied eels have a delicate and smooth texture, and although some can find them undesirable, their taste is distinct – mild and moderately salty, comparable to pickled herring, but without the odd “fishy” aroma. They’re usually served with white pepper and vinegar to bring out the flavours even more. The dish can be eaten hot or cold, and jellied eels experts agree that it tastes best when served with chilli vinegar.

Responsibly-Sourced Eels

Frozen Fish Direct is committed to sustainable industry practices in collaboration with our seafood sources and associates. Our eels are harvested in a responsible way using a fishing technique that is not detrimental to the environment.

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