Dressed Crab 180g Plus




Not all crab meat is created equal. Our Dressed Crabs are made with locally sourced fresh crabs and herbs from the UK.

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We now carry our own freshly cooked local crabs in our production plant. The meat is taken out of the shell within one hour and then stuffed within the crab’s shell. Then, the dressed crabs are frozen immediately after processing. You can be assured that you are buying high-quality crab meat any day. Dresses Crabs are great as a starter or can be served as an appetizer. This is a crab dish with a history dating back to 1700s England. This traditional product has become one of England’s most popular delicacies across the world.

What Does Dressed Crab Taste Like?

Our dressed crab is a tender, delicious treat that fits the profile and is ready to devour. This natural blend of white and brown crab meat transports your palate to the Norfolk coast.

Responsibly-Sourced Dressed Crab

As a business, we strive to provide fish and seafood caught using environmentally friendly practices. As a result, we promote and assist in ensuring that our business continues to expand and improve sustainably. Keeping fish populations safe while allowing us to supply you with the seafood you love.