• Traditional Kippers Breakfast

    20 minutes

    Kippers: what are they?

    Kippers are whole Atlantic herrings, small oily fish, sliced into halves, prepared by gutting, salinating, or pickling before they are smoked. Kippering is the process of doing this. Throughout history, salt-cured and smoked fish have been staples of British cuisine, but fresh kippers were not widely available until the latter half of the 19th century. Atlantic herring is perfect for smoking since it is oily. When butter kippers were once the classic Victorian and Edwardian breakfast, they were also enjoyed as supper and high tea dishes. The popularity of smoked fish continued until the 1970s when fast food began to dominate, which turned consumers away from its distinctive aroma. Besides having numerous health benefits, this oily fish is also very affordable. Smoked aromas enhance the flavour of kippers served with scrambled eggs or a poached egg, making it a delicious breakfast choice.

    Serving kippers for breakfast

    UK breakfast usually consists of cold-smoked herring fish, known as kippers. It is possible to purchase them fresh or frozen at most supermarkets, or in a can if they are available. The canned kippers don't need to be cooked, but the fresh or frozen version does. There are varying methods for cooking kippers, they can be poached in a pan or in a jug with boiling water, which is a conventional way to prepare them. Grilling and broiling them are also good options, as is sautéing.

    Kippers and brown butter fried egg on sourdough toast

    Kippers are the perfect addition to this classic breakfast or brunch dish, which pairs perfectly alongside sourdough toast and eggs fried in butter. A very special breed of kippers, from renowned smokehouses in the UK.
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    • 2 Smoked kippers
    • 100g of butter
    • 2 fresh eggs
    • 1 slice of sourdough bread
    • Lemon wedges


    • The butter should be melted in a large frying pan along with the kippers, then gently heated through so that it browns. Kippers should be removed from the oven and drizzled with lemon juice.

    • Eggs should be cracked into brown butter and gently fried. You can also choose scrambled or poached eggs. Spread butter on toasted sourdough.

    • You can serve the kippers alongside the warm sourdough toast and fried eggs.