• Uni Donburi

    20 minutes
    An Easier and Quicker Version that Tastes Just as Good Understanding Japanese food begins with grasping the concept of Japanese rice. A bowl of rice is called a donburi. This dish is usually topped with simmered veggies and meat. It is important to remember that each area of Japan prepares donburi differently, in some cases it is simply garnished with perfectly fresh raw fish. One of the best ways of eating a sea urchin is in Uni don (Sea Urchin Rice Bowl), which is made of rice with the sea urchin shines in its purest form. In Hokkaido, Japan, uni don is a dish traditionally made with sea urchins. Besides raw sea urchins, locals usually add small amounts of wasabi and soy sauce to enhance their flavour. The main component can also be salted sea urchins. It may also be served with shiso or perilla, dried seaweed, and so on. There is also a seafood dish known as Uni Ikura Don, which is a rice bowl topped with salmon roe and sea urchin.  Rice bowls, however, refer to dishes that mix rice with ingredients in a bowl.
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    • 100g of fresh Sea urchin roe
    • 40g of Salmon sashimi
    • 100g of sushi rice
    • 40 ml of rice wine vinegar
    • Tablespoon of sugar
    • 40g of Salmon roe, optional
    • Spring onion, sliced thinly, for garnishing
    • 80ml of Japanese soy sauce, for serving
    • Serve wasabi, if desired


    • Follow the package instructions for cooking the sushi rice.

    • Add sugar and rice vinegar to a mixing bowl, and mix thoroughly.

    • Incorporate the mixture gradually into the cooked rice.

    • To the serving bowl, add the mixed rice.

    • Then top the rice with fresh uni or sea urchin roe.

    • Make thin slices of salmon sashimi to serve over rice.

    • You can add salmon roe if you wish.