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What Is Sushi?

Sushi, a traditional Japanese dish featuring specially prepared rice and usually some type of fish or seafood.
This delicacy is traditionally served as an appetizer in Japan before the main course, which features steamed white rice paired with grilled meat, fish or vegetables on top.
Freshly made sushi has been gaining popularity worldwide due to its high nutritional value and wonderful taste that can vary depending on how it’s put together!

The word “sushi” refers to the sour flavour of vinegared rice. Regardless of what toppings or fillings are used, sushi always includes this key ingredient.

If you want to be an expert sushi chef in Japan, get ready for years of training.
To perfect their craft, they must first learn how to cook rice properly before handling anything else, which is why it’s so important that Japanese chefs are trained specifically with this subject!


Processing Sushi

Frozen Fish Direct makes it easy to enjoy sushi anytime, with guaranteed moist rice from thawing and just-as-tasty pieces. All it takes is one minute in room temperature water for them to be ready for your plate or picnic basket on game day, family reunion, date night out on the town…

We use a special method that guarantees moistness when thawing. Every piece is made from scratch and retains its shape – which means they taste just as good as fresh rolls! With Frozen Fish Direct, you’re guaranteed not to get those pesky freezer-burned grains of rice found with many other frozen sushi suppliers.


Benefits of Frozen Sushi

Frozen sushi is an amazing invention for caterers, restaurants and party planners. It eliminates the need to train staff or spend time hand-making individual pieces of food, which can be a huge expense and save you from any problems with timing when making large orders due to not having enough workforce available at that moment in time. Frozen sushi also has so many different varieties it’s easy to find something everyone will love!

Plan your next function or family gathering in style by using this tasty option instead of fresh ingredients that require more work hours than they’re worth.


Why Buy Frozen Sushi From Us?

Frozen Fish Direct offers vast amounts of easy-to-prepare, pre-packed frozen sushi. You may pick from our selection of varieties and message us for delivery within the United Kingdom at rates unimaginable to anyone who’s ever wanted a good meal! At Frozen Fish Direct, we only sell high-quality Japanese Sushi that is nutritious and sustainable, all without costing you an arm or leg!

Frozen Sushi Nutritional Facts

Sushi is a Japanese dish consisting of rice, seaweed and other ingredients. Here are some popular sushi choices with their caloric value:

California roll 125 calories
Chicken and Avocado roll 169 calories
Tuna Avocado roll 152 calories
Unagi 83 calories
Salmon Nigiri 114 calories