Whenever buying seafood, one of the most important factors is how fresh it is. However, just because seafood is frozen shortly after being caught doesn’t mean it’s lower quality. In fact, in many cases, frozen seafood is more likely to be a higher quality than ‘fresh’ fish.

With a third of supermarket fish found to be up to 20 days old, it’s not necessarily the best place to buy from the so-called ‘fresh’ section.

Fish were found to be this old despite most customers thought they were 3 days old at the most (many thought ‘fresh’ meant they were only one day old). Shockingly, the BBC 2 programme The Honest Supermarket found 30% of samples were off when bought from the fresh aisle. Another 20% of these samples would have to be cooked by the next day.

In short, it was discovered it’s actually better to buy frozen than so-called fresh fish, along with much safer! Because fish has high concentrations of unsaturated fats, it tends to break down quicker than other types of meat.

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