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New Zealand

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Trevally is a colourful, well-rounded member of the jack family that can be found in tropical and sub-tropical waters.

Trevally has always been popular fresh, but wild-caught and frozen the flesh of trevally is laden with flavourful oils that bring out its succulent character. In Australia, they’re sometimes called “tailor” or “jacks”. Their speed and agility make it difficult for larger fish like grouper and snapper to swallow.

Wild-caught from the icy waters of New Zealand, our process maintains all their healthy omega-rich oils. Freeze on board using a special freezing process, these fish will remain fresh for months after opening. This ensures a top-quality product is available frozen to the UK, where it will be used in fine restaurants, and sold to members of the public. These are the best trevally available!


The traditional trevally has firm flesh and exceptionally white meat which is great for seafood lovers.

This fish is known to maintain its size after long voyages as the flesh does not dry out like other fish (especially those that are gutted). The lean meat of the trevally is a lighter, oilier variety than most fish and contain higher levels of omega 3s and 6s. Trevally’s have high levels of oils required for a quality catch.


Our whole Trevally fish is one of the most sustainable seafood options you can offer your guests. They are line caught using only handlines and pole and line methods.

Each fish is mercury and toxin-free and one of the cleanest on the market, as it swims in waters that have been recognized as some of the Sea’s most pristine.