Trevally 1200-1400g


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New Zealand
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The trevally is one of the many members of the jack family that live in tropical and subtropical waters. Trevally is a favourite fresh fish, but it is equally delicious wild-caught and frozen. Wild-caught trevally has a juicy appearance, as well as rich oil that enhances the flavour.

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The fish will be sold whole, so be ready to fillet it yourself, which can be a lot of fun. You can get all of the flavorful oil from Trevally by grilling or barbecuing. You’re able to benefit from the nourishing oil it secretes in the process.

The trevally goes well with Asian flavours and Cajun spices as well as marinades made with citrus juices. Fish fillets and curry dishes made with this particular fish are full of flavour and have a great deal of meat. Many dishes can be made with this fish.

Australians sometimes call them “jacks” or “tailors”. Larger fish like grouper and snapper find it difficult to swallow them due to their fast and agile nature. The wild-caught fish are caught in icy New Zealand waters, where our processing ensures that all the omega-3 fats are preserved.

With a special method of freezing on board, these fish are guaranteed to last months after they are opened. This guarantees that a top-quality product can be shipped frozen to the UK, sold to customers and served in upscale restaurants.

Keep the fish from refreezing and don’t leave it on the counter opened for the oils to evaporate. There is no better trevally than these!

It’s Best to Eat Trevally Fish

Trevally has firm meat and white meat, so seafood lovers will love it. The flesh of this fish doesn’t dry out as other fish do, so it holds its size after a long journey.

Despite its oily, lighter meat, trevally is high in omega 3s and 6s and contains a greater amount of omega 3s than most fish. Additionally, Trevally is packed with B vitamins, including B12, essential for nerve function. Trevally’s have a high level of oils that are necessary for quality catches.


The whole Trevally fish we offer is one of our most sustainable seafood choices available. Handlines or poles and lines are used to catch them. The fish are mercury-free and toxin-free and are one of the purest fish available because they live in pristine waters recognized as some of the best on the planet.