Hake Fillets 5 KG BOX



Hake is a popular saltwater fish from the North Atlantic and North Pacific Oceans. It is well-known for its sweet flavour and flaky white flesh, which holds up well after cooking. Our Hake is caught, filleted and frozen on the bought within 3 hours to lock the moisture and flavour in and maximise the freshness.

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Rich in vitamins, especially B12 and niacin, consuming Hake is beneficial to the nervous system and blood cells. This fish is also a good source of protein while low in calories, making it a perfect option for a balanced diet. Hake also contains multiple minerals, including phosphorus, potassium, and selenium, all play a big part in keeping the muscles, bones and nervous system healthy. It also provides Omega-3 fatty acids important for heart and brain health.

Hake gives a lot of options when it comes to preparation. One of the best ways to cook these mouth-watering Hake Fillets is pan-fried in hot oil, but be careful not to overcook it. The Spanish have enjoyed this rich-tasting fish with Salsa Verde and olive oil for many years, or try our delicious recipe for Hake Fillet Wrapped in Parma ham. Best paired with crisp white wine.

Please note that these are currently in shatter pack boxes, so they are in a solid lump, with plastic sheets separating the fish. They will need to be thrown on the ground to separate.