Frogs Legs 1kg


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In Chinese cuisine, frogs’ legs are often served in stir-fried dishes such as “frogs’ legs with mushrooms”. 6-8 pieces per lb 900g net weight.

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Frogs’ legs are a popular food item all throughout the world, and they’re frequently offered as appetizers or as part of meals. Frogs’ legs are sold as delicacies in several countries and are consumed regularly for special occasions. They can be prepared in various ways as a dish, but they are most commonly fried and eaten with rice or other vegetables. Frog legs are most commonly consumed by dipping them in your favourite sauce or eating them plain. This recipe may be prepared in a matter of minutes with only a little spice and oil.

What Do Frogs Legs Taste Like?

Frog legs have a flavour and tenderness similar to chicken but with a milder, sweeter and slightly earthier taste. The flesh has more fat than chicken legs, so it is leaner in appearance. Frogs’ legs are also meatier than wings, and it is easy to find larger joints of meat. Although they are considered unusual in the British market, frogs’ legs are widely consumed in many other countries. They are delicious when marinated and grilled or fried.

Responsibly-Sourced Frogs

Farmers are raising frogs for the production of frog meat. They do not use pesticides, is environmentally friendly and are sustainable.