Chilean Mussels 1kg


South America

A medium- to large-size cooked and shelled Mussel with a wonderful bright orange colour.

They were farmed off the Chilean coast of South America.

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The Chilean coast has to be one of the most beautiful places in all of South America. The Mussels that come from these waters are a deep orange colour, and they’re large enough for soup, which is perfect when you want something hearty on your taste buds after spending an afternoon surfing or snorkelling!

You will find that these mussels taste both fresh and flavorful without being overbearing or fishy. The salsa verde provides a nice punch of flavour to the dish!

What Do Chilean Mussels Taste Like?

Mussels have a distinctive, rich, and sweet taste like the best of oysters and clams. To ensure freshness, look for tightly closed shells – if they are open or broken, don’t buy them as this indicates spoilage.

Mussel meats should be plump with soft, tender flesh but less so than those from other bivalves such as clam meat.

Responsibly-Sourced Chilean Mussels

Mussels are farmed in a process that closely resembles aquaculture.

The mussels are placed in protected areas of shallow, nutrient-rich seawater and supplied with feed.

As they grow, their debris falls to the bottom of the enclosure and is recycled as food for the young seashells.

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