Silver Pomfret 400-500g each



The Silver Pomfret is a large fish whose main body can reach up to 80 centimetres in length and weigh over 5 kilograms. Its delicate white flesh has a slightly mild flavour and breaks up easily on the plate but not along distinct flake lines.  Also called the Silver Searobin is a favourite among Asian gourmets who say it has a milder taste than its black and red cousins.

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Our Silver Pomfret caught in Indo-Pacific are available whole, round and cleaned. They are also found occasionally in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean and the Arabian seas. They are typically 500-600 grams each and can be served whole or fileted. The minuscule spiny bones and meaty flesh make for easy consumption.

This is one of the priciest due to its availability, so this is a real deal if you’re looking for a fish that will be delicious and beautiful as well.

What Does Silver Pomfret Taste Like?

A generous portion of the whole Silver Pomfret is made even more treasured when cooked. Cut apart in one easy bite, the silvery overlapping layers of flesh are delicately butter-soft. Moist and mild, the flesh tastes neither of salt nor oil, irresistibly fresh.

Responsibly-Sourced Silver Pomfret

Whether you’re cooking for one, two or the family, Silver Pomfret is a sustainable seafood option that’s quick and easy to cook. Our Silver Pomfrets has been responsibly sourced and assessed for sustainability.

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