Whole Baby Squid 2.25 kg


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Baby squid is served all over the world, particularly in the Mediterranean and in Southern Italy. It is used in many countries’ traditional cuisines.

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Squid rings are used to make a dish called “calamari salad,” which is a basic way of prepping. The ink from baby squids is also used in some recipes, giving squid a distinct sour flavour. In Greek cuisine, squid is commonly used, roasted, baked, fried and included in soups. The Sicilians especially like to cook squid when it is grilled or fried, especially at home. It’s available in restaurants and markets too. They are frozen in a clump, which means you would defrost them all at the same time. There are 18 to 30 whole baby squids in a packet.

What Do Baby Squids Taste Like?

Squid is often used in pasta sauces and pizza toppings, along with other seafood. Its meat is firm and white, with a moderate, somewhat sweet flavour similar to that of walnuts. While baby squid can be chewy, they should not be rubbery.

Responsibly-Sourced Baby Squids

The baby squids are responsibly caught. They are caught gently at sea, causing only minimal disturbance to their environment and the aquatic ecology. The squids are washed and vacuum-sealed before being put on ice to avoid any damage during shipment.

Frozen Squid Recipe