Swordfish Sashimi 200g



Make your guests’ mouths water with this Sashimi Swordfish. The fresh, wild-caught finned swordfish is caught in pristine Sri Lankan waters and shipped directly to the port to ensure maximum freshness. The fish is trimmed, deboned, and skinned after harvesting so they are already thinly sliced, which lowers food waste and labour costs.

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A swordfish is a wild fish with a meaty texture that is also firm and succulent. This fish has a similar taste and texture to bluefin tuna and mainly has white meat. If you fancy something different, swordfish might be for you. Our A-grade swordfish has been processed into 200-gram portions that are ideal for sashimi preparation.

The flavour of this swordfish is delicate and refreshing without being overly fishy. With its superior quality, our swordfish is a favourite among chefs across the globe as an appetizer or entree.

Swordfish is a meaty fish that is high in nutrients, low in saturated fat, and has little sodium. Swordfish has a high selenium content, which boosts heart health. Omega-3 fatty acids are also abundant in swordfish. Those who live an active lifestyle will find that it is a good source of protein that can provide energy and nutrients to help them get through their day.

Excellent Sashimi-Grade Swordfish

It is popular to cook this fish with aromatic ingredients like chillies, ginger, sesame oil, and soy sauce. Despite being an oily fish, you can marinate it or drench it in oil beforehand, preventing it from drying out.

Known in Japan for its high-quality sashimi, this swordfish’s smooth, rich texture and light pink colour, the same colour as with the sashimi-grade salmon, will bring out the best in your seafood carpaccio, Crudo, or poke bowl. Your dishes will definitely stand out with this addition!

This swordfish can be prepared in various ways, such as seared, grilled, or broiled, accompanied by a vegetable side dish and dressed with herbs to complete the meal.

Fish of this quality is great on its own, but it also complements a variety of sauces and seasonings as it has a mild taste. If you want to serve this fish as an appetizer, dice it, then skewer it and grill it. Marinate the swordfish with soy sauce and ginger, and serve it alongside cucumber, radish, and cilantro for an exciting poke bowl.

The buttery texture and fresh flavour of the swordfish will delight your guests no matter how you serve it.

Responsibly-Sourced Swordfish

Swordfish from Frozen Fish Direct is sustainably sourced. The swordfish we sell is sourced from a fishery that has received an independent certification that complies with the MSC Fisheries Standard. In the fishery, quotas are set according to a conservative estimate of what can be caught. To minimize bycatch and avoid interacting with threatened or endangered species, vessels must follow safety measures and implement mitigation measures. Moreover, ecological risk assessments are conducted regularly and environmental impact assessments are performed. Either on a line or with a pole, sustainably caught from a robust population.