Barramundi Fillet 1kg


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Barramundi comes in various sizes that are similar to salmon, varying from 4.5 pounds to 23 pounds and much bigger.

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They can exceed 40 pounds, but they’re usually harvested when they’re 12 to 15 inches long. They frequent tropical, subtropical, and temperate seas.

It’s a high-quality white fish that can be grilled. It becomes flaky and crispy when steamed or baked while maintaining its natural taste. Barramundi may also be fried or sautéed, and it will stay juicy and flavorful during the cooking process. Overcooking the fish can result in it becoming tough and dry.

According to many nutritional databases, barramundi is considered an outstanding protein and fat source.
This is due to its distinct dietary profile, including low saturated fat and elevated omega-3 fatty acid levels.

What Does Barramundi Taste Like?

The best thing about buying this fish is that it is well-suited for various uses, including stewing, grilling, or frying. Additionally, the flavour and texture of the fish can be conveniently changed by using a combination of seasonings. They have a delicate and gentle flavour, which necessitates a well-balanced marinade or sauce to bring out the best in them.

Responsibly-Sourced Barramundi

Barramundi fillet is a high-quality fish that is safely sourced. It’s always best to buy from a reliable supplier because the fish you’re getting may be of poor quality and not up to UK standards. The number of wild Barramundi caught is limited, and fishing is only allowed until the juveniles reach a certain size. This prevents overfishing and reduces potential harm to the Barramundi population.

Frozen Barramundi Recipe


170-230g, 1kg