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Razor Clams are a great alternative to the Mussel, and they are great as a starter. They are found wild in Devon but are now farmed in the southeast of England.

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They live in the sand. To catch them, you pour salt on top of their burrow, and they poke out. These Razor Clams offer a very exotic, colourful and tasteful dish. Razor Clams have a dense clam flavour and are regarded as some of the best in quality available. They have an excellent taste and can be cooked in various ways, from a slow-cooked braise to a quick stir fry. Like a Mussel, it should be cooked for about 2 minutes. If you prefer it cooked longer, then allow another minute per extra minute. Razor Clams are favourites of Chef’s and definitely worth a try!

What Do Razor Clams Taste Like?

Razor Clams have a pleasant and delicate flavour. They are particularly low in fat and calories, so they are healthier than many other seafood choices. The meat of a Razor Clam can be prepared in the same ways that other shellfish are consumed. The green-like, sand-like meat from the foot of the razor clam is chewy and should be cooked using slow cooking methods such as poaching or steaming, which will soften the feel, whilst still retaining flavour.

Responsibly-Sourced Razor Clams

Today, razor clams are farmed in a process that closely resembles aquaculture. The clams are placed in protected areas of shallow, nutrient-rich seawater and supplied with feed. As they grow, their debris falls to the bottom of the enclosure and is recycled as food for the young clams.

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