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This is a delicious lobster soup that is full of flavour and is so versatile. Serve on its own with crusty bread or bruschetta, or it can be used as a stock or base for all sorts of other fish dishes.

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Lobster is a high-quality source of many vital nutrients. It’s also a rich source of calcium, iron, copper, and selenium, as well as vitamin B12. This is a delicious lobster soup with a lot of flavours. It is particularly flexible. You can serve it with bread as a starter, or with bruschetta, or use it to create other seafood preparations.

For added complexity, try adding some smoked haddock chunks and croutons. This is an excellent appetiser for every dinner party. Serve with a glass of white wine of your choice.

What Does Lobster Soup Taste Like?

Lobster soup is a thick, creamy soup that enhances the taste of the key ingredient. It’s going to emphasise the subtleties of a shrimp-like taste. Lobster soup would have a rich, creamy, succulent flavour, similar to lobster baked in butter and cream. You’ll get a lot of lobster flavour in the final soup when you’re using the lobster shell in the process.

Responsibly-Sourced Lobster

The skilled team at Frozen Fish Direct handles our seafood items with care, allowing the natural flavour of the seafood to come through while ensuring a high degree of quality. Our staff are committed to supplying you with the finest dining experience. They are knowledgeable about the quality of our seafood and our sustainable policies, and quality consistency.

To help conserve natural resources and maintain a safe ecosystem for future generations, use responsibly sourced seafood wherever possible.

Frozen Lobster Recipe