Salt Cod 350g


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Wild Salt Cod fillets with the skin on. These cod fillets are wild-caught, hydrated with salt, then vacuum-packed. These are thin cod slices.

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Our salt cod is especially delicious for poaching and is also used in many dishes, including fish cakes and fish casseroles. The Cod are filleted, processed and frozen within 3 hours of being caught in the Atlantic Ocean. We mostly buy from Icelandic or Norwegian vessels where the cod is well-managed and not overfished so that you can eat it guilt-free! Cod is highly valued as food fish, with flakes of white flesh. It is a popular food fish all over the world. It is part of the regular diet in the UK and areas of Europe. Soak the Salt Cod in cold water for 24-48 hours, changing the water periodically to rehydrate it.

What Does Salt Cod Fillet Taste Like?

Simply soak the dried-up cod plank in water for a day or two, changing the water a couple of times, and it will undergo a fantastic transformation. The salt cod loses its heavy odour and saltiness as it gets bigger to nearly its original size. It comes out firm, scrumptious, and flavorful after brief poaching.

Responsibly-Sourced Salt Cod Fillet

This product is from a certified sustainable fishery committed to sustainable fishing practices and seafood quality. Skillfully cut from the prime area of the cod with a firm and flaky texture.

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