Cod Fish Cakes 6



6 per pack

Cod is a low-fat protein source with a high iodine content and a low cholesterol level. Iodine will aid in the prevention of goitres and arthritis, so have loads of it in your daily diet.

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These crunchy, lightly battered fish cakes have flakes that are fluffy and moist on the inside. The fish tastes very delicious with the flakes of cod and herbs added, and there are large flakes of cod inside it. A delectable treat for dinner or as an appetiser for lunch! Suitable for deep or shallow frying, as well as oven cooking. This product is in high demand, so buy it now while supplies last! Cod is also rich in calcium and phosphorus, which can aid in bone health.

What Do Cod Fish Cakes Taste Like?

Gorgeously crisp on the outside, soft and melting within, this is a succulent fishcake. The young cod in this fishcake has a fresh, light and sea-like aroma, and the herbs add a nice fragrance to the fishcake. A great appetizer for lunch or dinner. It is addictive and tastes better when served hot with some tartar sauce on top or even as an accompaniment to your salad.

Responsibly-Sourced Cod

Sustainably Sourced Cod Fish Cakes. A fish to celebrate! A certified fish supplier based in the South of the UK provides a sustainable source of fish for our product range. Every ingredient is sustainable and sourced with care.