Fish Fingers (cod) 710g (XL 8)


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Cod Fish Fingers can be served as an appetizer with chutney and salad or as a meal with chips, peas and a side salad.

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They are very versatile. We sell in packets containing 10 cod fillets which are 71g each. The fillets are contained in a coated batter  mixture. The raw materials used for producing this product are cod, wheat flour, batter and breadcrumbs.  They can be cooked from frozen in the following ways through deep frying, shallow frying or oven baking. Our Fish Fingers are a high-protein, high-mineral food. Our Omega 3 Fish Fingers are high in Omega-3, which promotes proper growth and development in children. Not only are they nutritious, but all of our Fish Fingers make good meals in an entertaining and fun way.

What Do Fish Fingers (Cod) Taste Like?

Each Codfish finger is exquisitely delicious and packed with nutrients. Our Cod Fish Fingers are made from 100% whole, tender cod, with the scrumptious and golden crumb of whole-wheat. Guaranteed empty plates!

Responsibly-Sourced Cod

MSC – Certified Sustainable Seafood.   We ensure that our fish and seafood meets the global level of sustainability. Together we will contribute to the potential protection of fish populations.