Crayfish Tails 800g net



These crayfish tails are a lowly caloric source of protein and an essential source of omega3 fatty acids that are cooked, gently peeled and deveined—the same with the crayfish in the brine tubs.

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Crayfish are delectable in risottos, stews, and soups and can be prepared in the same manner as big prawns or langoustines. Keep it basic with their sweet flesh; serve the crayfish with mayonnaise and a boost of lemon juice or saute in paprika, garlic, and olive oil, and add pasta.

What Do Crayfish Tails Taste Like?

Our Crayfish Tails are said to transport you to a lovely, romantic dinner for two the moment you take a bite of their rich, irresistible flavour. When the natural richness of each chewy bite explodes in your mouth, you can also imagine ocean waves. Take your dinner on a walk down memory lane with our succulent crayfish tails.

Responsibly-Sourced Crayfish

Our seafood-providing suppliers adhere to the Seafood Responsibility Program. They provide us with a variety of fresh fish and shellfish on most days, and a catch will always be on the way to our processing plant within hours after harvesting.

Frozen Cray Fish Recipe