Lobster Flavoured Tails 250g



This is a Crab stick-based product made to look like a real Lobster tail but is still great on a buffet table.

Please note they are Surimi not Lobster meat.

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Lobster Flavoured Tails are designed to resemble a true lobster tail, but they still taste delicious when served at a buffet. It’s made of Surimi, which comes from Alaskan Pollack. Surimi’s appeal stems from the fact that it is boneless and can be formed into any shape desired. These are great as appetisers at dinner parties, but they’re especially good for dipping. Also good with salad!

This is a crab stick-based imitation seafood product. They’re made from corn starch, refined tapioca starch, soy oil, and crab extract.These lobster-flavoured tails carry a powerful flavour.


The firm and the chewy lobster tail has a meatier, sweeter flavour than shrimp. The high protein content in the tail gives it a firm, spongy texture. As lobster meat absorbs a lot of the tastes of the spices it’s cooked with, so cooking it with garlic and butter can result in a garlicky and buttery flavour.


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