Cuttlefish Ink 500g


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Cuttlefish Ink is a black pigment that the Cuttlefish, a cousin of the more well-known squid and octopus, leaks into the sea.

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The dark colour of cephalopod ink is due to melanin, a natural pigment found in limited quantities in a variety of plants and animals. Cuttlefish ink also lends the dishes their beautiful, deep colour. Cuttlefish ink adds a delicate briny, umami-rich flavour to food that is much preferred to squid ink’s somewhat assertive taste. Cuttlefish ink is used in a variety of seafood, rice, and pasta dishes around the world, including Spain’s paella negra, Italy’s black-tinted pasta, including risottos, which are frequently served with seafood. In a 500g container, this product is sterilised cuttlefish ink.

What Does Cuttlefish Ink Taste Like?

Cuttlefish ink has a rather neutral flavour. Its taste is mostly influenced by its surroundings. Its rich, full flavour seems to bring to mind scallops, and it also tastes a little like an oyster.

Responsibly-Sourced Cuttlefish

Since it is derived from wild-caught cuttlefish, our Cuttlefish Ink is completely safe and sustainable.

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