Crab Soup 1kg



This is a lovely soup which can be served with brown bread and butter. Add lemon and croutons and a little extra black pepper if required. The product can also be used as a very flavoursome stock to add to other dishes.

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Crab soup has a wonderful depth of flavour that is difficult to achieve through other means. Made with just the right amount of spice, this crab soup is excellent served with fresh bread and butter. It can also be used as a sauce base for many recipes.

Our Crab Soup 1kg is cooked, chilled and frozen in a plastic foil bag. We use the best quality Crab available on the market, sourced from local fishermen.

The cooking method we use is unique to our company and has been tried and tested for years.

What Does Crab Soup Taste Like?

Let the fresh taste of crab fill your senses with each mouthful of Crab Soup. This delicious and convenient product can be prepared quickly in a saucepan or microwave, making it easy to prepare whenever your craving strikes.

Our Crab Soup is made from crab meat and fantastically fresh vegetables, giving you a nutritious meal full of flavour!

Responsibly-Sourced Crab

Our premium crab soup is the perfect way to enjoy freshly harvested whole crabs. When it’s crab season, we will have fresh crab soups available in our online store.

For crab lovers, this is a seafood soup with real crabs. The crab meat used in our crab soup is sustainably sourced, and it has been checked and approved to meet the ‘best aquaculture practices’ to ensure there is no damage done to them or their environment during harvesting.