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Experience the incredible Oyster, hand-gathered from the wild coasts of Asia. Packed properly in their natural waters to preserve freshness, these oysters are only harvested at their absolute freshest. Giant Oysters from Asia are sold pre-shucked, ready for every dish from smoked and grilled to stewed and roasted.

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Designed for the adventurous home cook, you can also fry these babies for one of the tastiest treats ever, an Oyster fritter. Or why not try a twist on an old favourite with Oysters Rockefeller? These Asian giants are hand-selected and shelled by our expert team to ensure the Highest Quality. With a flavour all of its own and a toothsome sea-sweet taste, fresh oysters can be cooked in almost limitless ways. Tuck these creamy, succulent Oysters into a pie or add them to a casserole, or steam them whole. These oysters are a magnificent treat for yourself, your family or your guests. The delicious, fresh seafood taste of the Oyster is now available in a convenient and quick to prepare.

What Do Oysters Taste Like?

The ocean’s bursting with flavour. The mighty oyster is full of it. Oysters are known for their distinctive fresh flavour and lush texture and are often found in gourmet dishes around the globe.

Responsibly-Sourced Oyster

Our premium seafood is caught sustainably and then flash-frozen to lock in all of its natural taste and goodness. Good for you and good for our oceans.

Frozen Oyster Recipe