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Cuttlefish Ink is a black dye leaked into the water by the Cuttlefish, a relative to the more well-known squid and octopus.

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Melanin, a natural pigment present in smaller amounts in several animals and plants, is responsible for the dark colour of cephalopod ink. The highly coveted ingredient Cuttlefish Ink is also used to make the dishes into a remarkably rich, deep, dark black colour. In addition to its eye-catching colour, Cuttlefish ink imparts a subtle briny, umami-rich taste to foods that are much preferable to squid ink’s more assertive flavour. Cuttlefish ink is a key ingredient in some of the world’s most cherished seafood, rice, and pasta dishes, including Spain’s paella negra and Italy’s black-tinted pasta and risottos, which are often paired with seafood. This product is also used in a variety of Filipino and Japanese casseroles. A small amount adds a lot of colour and taste.

What Does Cuttlefish Ink Taste Like?

Consider a genuinely tasty fish that is fresh, full-bodied, and has an aromatic ocean taste. Cuttlefish ink itself has a highly neutral taste. Its flavour mostly derives from its environment. Its robust flavour evokes scallops while being reminiscent of oysters.

Responsibly-Sourced Cuttlefish Ink

Since it is harvested from wild-caught cuttlefish, our Cuttlefish Ink is fully safe and sustainable.

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