Dover Sole 500-600g



This is a best seller at our factory shop, and an excellent size fish, so make sure you have a very large plate.

Our Dover Sole is wild with the dark skin removed on one side leaving one side with the lighter  skin on and ideal with flavoured butter or simple sauces or just on its own seasoned with a lemon wedge.

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Dover sole is a flatfish of the sole genus “Solea”. It is found in the North Atlantic Ocean as well as in the North Pacific Ocean. The Dover sole has two dorsal fins or fins that run along its back on top of its head.

Dover Sole is a delicate, white fish that can be prepared in many ways. The back, sides and upper part of the belly are yellowish, while the lower part of the belly and underside is light silvery grey. It’s great with butter or sauces. Try flavoured butter with lemon or fresh dill. Or try preparing with lemon and olive oil.

Cut into large portions, Dover Sole makes a great starter for your dinner table. These fish are also very good baked in the oven if you want to give them a twist on traditional fish and chips.

This is a popular and in-demand fish. It’s a good size, so make sure you have plenty of space on your plate.

What Does Dover Sole Taste Like?

It has a finely sweet and clean taste with a flaky, delicate texture. The fat quality is moderate. Raw fish has a transparent white colour and boils to a bright white colour.

Responsibly-Sourced Dover Sole

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