Swordfish Loin 900-1.2kg



Swordfishes are a type of wild fish with meaty, firm, and succulent texture. This fish has white meat instead of dark meat and has a similar flavor to tuna. These Swordfish boneless loins are wild caught and weigh about 1-1.2kg per bag; a great option for those with an experimental palate.

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We offer you this swordfish chunk, wild-caught, which would be an excellent addition to any meal. A generous portion of the finest fish meat accompanies each pack.

Eating swordfish provides health benefits such as the high selenium content that may benefit heart health. Omega-3 fatty acids found in swordfish are also beneficial to health. This is a good source of protein for those who lead active lives. It provides a wide range of nutrients that help you concentrate, and it can boost your energy levels each day.

A swordfish diet also offers excellent nutritional benefits, such as selenium, which is an essential micronutrient for heart health and cancer prevention. Niacin, vitamin B12, and zinc are all contained in this protein-rich food. The best part is that it is low in calories and fat. This is a guiltless cooking choice, too.

The best way to cook swordfish is to char grill it with butter and seasonings, or pan-roast it as you would tuna steak. A little mild in flavour, swordfish grills well, or can be threaded onto skewers with vegetables and peppercorns for a tasty appetizer. The swordfish has a very firm texture, and its fillets are usually found as steaks.

Marinate swordfish, then freeze it. When thawed, don’t refreeze. Fully defrost, then use within a day. Oven temperatures and cooking times will vary. Check to make sure the product is fully cooked before consumption.

There is no better swordfish loin on the market than our top-of-the-line swordfish loins. Discover the difference for yourself!

Savory Swordfish Loins

The taste of swordfish is enhanced by strong flavors such as sesame, garlic, ginger, and chilli. Despite it being an oily species of fish, it is best brushed or marinated with plenty of olive oil before cooking, otherwise it will dry out. As swordfish are firm, they can be marinated for up to 20 minutes with tamarind or harissa, topped with shredded lime zest.

We sell swordfish loins as an attractive alternative to swordfish steaks, which can be quite costly. Swordfish has a meaty, mild flavor that makes it a terrific option for anyone who isn’t a fan of ‘fishy’ tastes. You can serve these with some new potatoes drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, a salad and a butter sauce with garlic and fresh lemon juice.

Though not as popular as tuna, this loin is ideal for steaks, and at its price, makes for a good alternative. This makes for a great summertime grilling option. It should be noted that this is a natural product whose weight may vary. The price is based on the weight you receive.

Responsibly-Sourced Fresh Fish

Swordfish from Frozen Fish Direct is sustainably sourced. We obtain our swordfish from a fishery that has undergone independent verification in compliance with the MSC Fisheries Standard. Quotas are set using a conservative the total allowed catch system. Risk mitigation strategies are in place on all boats, as well as equipment to limit bycatch and encounters with federally listed or protected species. A regular review of the impacts of the fishery on the environment is also conducted.

A line or pole is used to catch sustainably from a healthy population.