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Indian mackerel are a type of pelagic fish found in pelagic waters in the South Asian and Southeast Asian regions. Their maximum reported size is 1 m in length, but they usually measure 70 to 90 cm. Spawning occurs during the monsoon season and is found near shore, singly or in small groups.

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The Indian Mackerel is a very popular fish in India. They are bred and harvested for their meat, head and skin. The whole fish is used in many recipes like stews and curries and can be found as a side dish or part of the main dish. This fish is a cousin of the European Mackerel, and it’s more like a baby tuna. They’re also wild-caught. These mackerel are low in fat, contain a lot of Omega 3 oil, and they happen to be one of the best sellers from our shop. There are 4 to 5 pieces of Indian Mackerel in a 1kg bag.

What Does Indian Mackerel Taste Like?

The taste is described as very distinct and unique. Salt incorporated with it is crucial for its taste. Some of the spices used are cayenne, chilli powder, black pepper, asafoetida, garlic and turmeric. It is great to use with almost all kinds of curries. It is good when used with vegetables and rice.

Responsibly-Sourced Indian Mackerel

Our Indian Mackerels come from a commercial fishery that is dedicated to sustainable fishing activities and high-quality seafood. We make certain that our fish and seafood are sustainable on a global scale. We’ll be able to help conserve fish stocks if we work together.

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