Whole Mackerel 1kg


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Atlantic Ocean
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These are very rich in Omega-3 oils and taste great grilled with sun-dried tomatoes.

Ours are wild line-caught in the Atlantic Ocean above Scotland and are between 350-450 grams in weight.

Try serving with a French Muscadet or Viognier white wine.

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Cooking with fish is always a delight because it can be done in many ways, but the Whole Mackerel are especially versatile.

These whole mackerels are rich in Omega-3 oils and taste great when grilled with sun-dried tomatoes. The line-caught Atlantic Ocean variety is between 350 and 450 grams each, so only a couple of fish per pound bag!

These Whole Mackerel are perfect for grilling on the BBQ with just a generous squeeze of fresh lime juice, or cook them up any way you like! You get 2-3 fish per 1kg bag, and they’re round, not gutted.

What Does Mackerel Taste Like?

Our mackerel is perfect! It has just the right amount of sweetness with an amazing taste. The flavour of this fish is light. The whole mackerel cooks in just minutes and makes for an easy weeknight dinner option!

Don’t forget this healthy option when throwing together dinner tonight or any night that will fill up bellies without weighing them down.

Responsibly-Sourced Mackerel

The fish on our list is among the best globally, and we are passionate about its quality. Therefore, we use the whole mackerel that has been individually, rapidly frozen at sea for superior taste and texture, ensuring the same gratifying quality and unique taste that our customers have come to recognize and appreciate.

Taking your feedback to heart, we strive to improve our products just as much as you do, ensuring your experience is first-class.

Frozen Mackerel Recipe