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The Red Mullet is a species of fish found in the Eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Sea. It has long been a speciality of the Mediterranean region.

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It has a long, silver body encrusted with orange-red spots and stripes. Its back is marked with a black saddle, and you will also find some black spots on its side. Its firm and meaty flesh vary from white to pink to red. The Red Mullet works well-cooked whole on the barbeque or baked in foil in the oven. It is also delicious served fried. The flesh can be cooked in vegetable juices, tomato sauce or any other fish stock. Rich in omega 3s, Red Mullet has a rich, almost oily flavour and flakes brilliantly. Our Red Mullet Fillets make a deliciously nutritious meal by combining its buttery texture with its mild and tender taste. Each fillet features around 300g of flesh, making it ideal for larger families or hungry seafood lovers alike.

What Does Red Mullet Taste Like?

The colour of the red mullet fillets is bright and uniform. The flesh has a fine, delicate consistency that is firm but supple, making it easy to cut; in some cases, it may come apart in flakes, which is also quite normal.

Responsibly-Sourced Red Mullet

Our Red Mullet fillets are a sustainable and natural food source due to the rich contents of Omega 3 fatty acids. Our suppliers only use sustainable fishing methods and source from co-operatives with the highest sustainability and ethical standards.

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