New Zealand Mussel Meat 500g


New Zealand


New Zealand Mussel meat is famous worldwide for its versatility and delicious taste. These farmed mussels are blanched for eating without the shell. This delicacy is packed in single-serve containers, vacuum-sealed to lock in the freshness and flavour and retain its nutritional value.

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The farmed mussels are large in size and ideal for preparing large family meals, mussel salads or appetizers. Authentic New Zealand Mussels are a perfect side dish. Why compromise when you can taste the difference? The rich, distinctive flavour comes through more clearly with our larger mussels than with smaller ones. They are your assurance of genuine, high-quality mussel meat at the best price. With less waste per pack because of the large size, these mussels are also better valued than small mussels. These farmed mussels are a real treat and packed with iron, vitamin B12, and omega-3 fatty acids linked to brain health.

What Do New Zealand Mussels Taste Like?

The New Zealand mussel is one of the most popular culinary varieties due to its firm texture and mild flavour. Their nutritious qualities are even more apparent when farmed in nutrient-rich waters like New Zealand’s clean coastal seas. Mussels are easy to prepare, versatile to cook with and taste great, making them a perfect simple seafood choice, full of flavour.

Responsibly-Sourced New Zealand Mussels

The mussel is one of the most nutritious and sustainable seafood choices, especially when farmed in clean water. This pouch offers a delicious blend of blanched premium New Zealand mussels.

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